Remember Me

Hey I'm Vanessa Flores I'm 18 I meet Justin Bieber when I was 14 we were really close friend then we were more than friends but I had an accident and ended up in the hospital then i heard Justin left four years later i started working undercover and that's when we meet again.
will he remember her? Will they fall again?


17. 1st day


 We got in the car and drove and Justin parked his carat some parking lot i was not familiar with it

 "Here put this on" he gave me a blied fold

 "No why"

 "Please it for your surprise"

 "Fine" i put it on and took my seatbelt of i heard a door open and close and then my door open

 "Give me your sharty"

 "ok" i gave him my hand and he pulled me out then we stared walking and i felt like i was gonna trip when i felt a pair of hands pick me up bride style then put me back down then i herd a ding and walked for a few and Justin made me turn around i guess we were in a elavater then i felt something in my belly i don't l like elevaters then i herad an other ding and we walked out i heard people talking

 "Ok now you can take it of" i took the blied fold of and notice we where in the M&M store

 "OMG CHOCOLATE!!!" i screamed and ran to the Blue M&M and hugged it "Justin can you take some pictures please"

 "Sure thing" he took my phone and took lots of pictures


 When i told her to take her blied fold off her eyes lit up she stared screaming chocolate and hugging the Blue M&M she told me to take pictures so i did we took some with both of us we went around and we brought matching shirts and hoodies but mine was red and her's was blue  we made funny videos and she was screaming out that she was the Chocolate Queen i couldn't stop laughing i swear chocolate brings out the little kid in here but hey I'm not saying i don't act like a kid i do a lot but there are moments when you have to act you age

 "Ima buy chocolate" she said but i ran past her and brought it for her " i said i was gonna buy it"

 "Sorry love but when your with me i buy it "

 "ugh next time i buy it ok"

 "No promise" she hit me the bag of M&M's on my shoulder and ran away "ooo ima catch you" i ran after

 " You never catch me ima the ginger bread man" she said running god i swear she names her self a lot i just laughed and kept running after her then i saw her staring at somethimg i went behide her and picked her up

 "Ha i  got you"

 "Ahhhh put me down Bieber"

"Shoot we better run"


 "Look" and there were lots of fans screaming and yelling my name

 "lego" and we stared running out of the store we ran as far as we can until we lost them

"God we lost them now lets go back to the car i have a concert"

 "Ok" we walked to the car and got in i put the radio on "OMG i love this song" Vanni said and put the radio up and stared sing to looking for a dream by Nick Cannon she also stared dancing in her seat

 Wow i never notice she can sing and rap she's a better raper then me we got back home and headed to the door

 "That was fun this was the best day ever" she said hugging me we went inside and Scooter came down stairs

 "Justin go get ready you have a concert in 10mins now" he said

 "Ok" and went up stairs to take a shower and got ready for the concert




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