It's Harry Styles' Baby

Ava Mary-Anne is 17,nearly 18. She's been dating one direction's own Harry Styles for about 6 months. Harry and his band mates Liam,Niall,Louis,and Zayn are then called to go on tour. Ava and Harry knew that a long-distance relationship wouldn't work. So,they broke it off. But about a week after Harry leaves for tour,Ava then finds out she's pregnant. She knew it was Harry's because he's the only guy she had ever slept with. Ava worries about what to do. Her parents kick her out after she tells them and she goes to live with her aunt just about 5 minutes away outside from London. After 2 years. Ava is now 20 years old and comes out with a baby girl named Darcy. She's one years old and is already crawling.One day during a stroll in London with her baby, Harry Styles comes into her life again.


4. chap4. 2 years later

2 years later.


"Aunt Mariam!!" I yelled while running down the stairs carrying my baby girl. "Aunt Mariam!!" I yelled once again. "What is it Ava?" She said coming out from the living room. "Darcy knows how to crawl now!!!" I said smiling. "That's amazing!!! I want to see!" I put Darcy on the flooring she crawl to aunt Mariam. She was such a big girl now she's already 1. It was just like yesterday she was in my belly. Aunt Mariam picked her up and smiled. She kissed Darcy's nose and Darcy laughed. I smiled. Darcy has Harry's eyes and my dark brown straight hair. She had her biological father's nose and my mouth. She had her father's dimples it was adorable. I loved her. And I was sure her father would've loved her too. "Ava dear,why don't you go into London for a stroll with Darcy." I nodded and grabbed Darcy to go get us both ready.

Once we were done I put her in her car seat and I drove 20 mins to a park in London. I took her stroller out and put her in there. She was wide awake and smiling. I kissed her nose. I locked my car and we strolled through the park. I watched the little kids playing with there parents and other looking up at the sky. Some jogging,walking,or just exercising. It was nice. Then Darcy started crying so I picked her up and carried her in my arms trying to calm her down while pushing the stroller too.


We were back in London from our tour and us boys decided to go to a nearby park. It was amazing. We decided to have a race from one end to the other so we did. "Ready?set?GO!" We all started running. It was tiring. I was ahead so I decided to look back to see where the rest were so I did. Louis was on my tail. I looked forward again and I ran into a lady with a baby in her arms. "Harry!" Louis yelled and ran over. "Oh my god.i am so sorr....Ava..." I was so surprised. All of the memories came back. How I hurt her. What had happened. The crying baby snapped me out of it. "Are you okay miss?" Louis asked her while helping her up. "Uhh...y-yes..." I could tell she was shocked too. But a baby? Why did she have a baby? She cradled the baby in her arms and the baby stopped crying. "Hi harry..haven't seen you in a while." I could tell she was hiding something from me. But I couldn't figure it out. The boys came over and asked what had happened. "Uhh..boys.this is my.....friend.uh.Ava." "Hi Ava." "Nice to meet you." They greeted her. "You too. " she put the baby in the stroller.i had to ask. "Are you baby sitting someone's baby?" She looked up at me. "Yes,well.sort of." I smiled. "She's a cutie.i could just eat her up." Niall said while playing with her. The baby started giggling. It was adorable. "What's her name?" Zayn asked. "Her name is Darcy. " she said. I smiled more. The name was beautiful. "What are your guys' names?" "Niall." "Zayn." "Liam." "Louis." They said after one another. "Who's kid is it?" I asked wondering. She didn't answer. Which was weird. "Does it matter?" Liam asked me. I shook my head. I just wanted to know.


He's back. Well. I was a bit happy but a bit scared. He kept asking questions about Darcy. "Who's is it?" I didn't answer.i couldn't. So I didn't. But they didn't seem that bad so I asked. "Would you guys like to come over to my place and hang out?" Harry's eyes were just frozen on me. "Sure we'd love to. " Louis answered for everyone. They all smiled. "Great. Just follow me it's a 20-25 min drive. " they nodded. I pulled Darcy away from Niall and went to the car. I strapped we in and the boys pulled up next to me. I smiled at them and led the way.

-skip car ride-

"Who's there?" "It's me Ava. I have guest with me." "Okay. We're ready." The gate made the buzz sound and I drove into the driveway.Around he fountain and infront of the house. I stopped my car and got out taking Darcy with me. She was teething and has been crying a lot. "My poor's okay,mommy's here." I rocked her in my arms. I heard the boy's car doors shut. "This is your house now?" Harry asked. "Well my parents kicked me out and my aunt was willing to take me in." I explained. I really needed to tell him. "Harry I-" Davis,our butler interrupted. "Miss Ava! Welcome back! Come on it's freezing out here you, Darcy,and your guest must get inside." Davis said while gesturing us towards the door. I smiled lightly and followed the boys inside. Harry waited for me to get next to him and he put his hand on my back. We walked in and we all gathered into the living room. "Poppy!come here please." I called out. Niall grabbed Darcy from me and played with her on the floor. He was trying to get her to walk. He really loved Darcy. The moment brought a smile to my face. "Yes miss Ava?" Poppy came next to me. "Poppy I told you all to just call me Ava. And can you please bring us some tea and some sandwiches please?" She nodded and went off to get them ready.

"Ava can I talk to you please?" Liam asked me. "Sure." I smiled. "In private?" Why?? "Umm..yeah." We both got up and went to the hallway. "What's up?" I asked. "Ava I know I haven't known you for that long but I-" I interrupted him "Liam I'm sorry but I'm just not ready to date. I mean I have Darcy to take care of and-" he then interrupted me. "No no! It's not that. I was just going to say that I can tell that your keeping something from the five of us and was gonna ask you to tell me because you can trust me." I was so embarrassed. "Oh.haha.sorry. But yeah there is something that I've been keeping." I felt good to tell him that Harry was the father. I knew I can trust liam. He was waiting for me to continue. "Umm...there's no easier way to say it but, Harry is Darcy's father." He smiled. Liam's mouth opened to say something but someone else beat him to it. "Harry's the father?!?" Louis asked for the door way. Oh no. "I'm the what??" Harry asked walking in behind him. Crap. "Uhhh..." I couldn't speak. So Liam did it for me. "Harry.Darcy is your daughter." He said smiling. I walked up to Harry. "Why didn't you tell me?" I saw he was hurt. "Well after our..breakup..before you left for tour. I didn't find out till a week later and I didn't know what to do. I didn't want you to worry so I let you be and took care of it." We looked into eachother's eyes. "I'm sorry for not telling you." He smiled. "I'm a father." I giggled. "Yes Harry. You are." Just then Niall and Zayn walked in with Darcy. "Guys. Niall just taught Darcy how to walk. And what did I miss?" We all laughed. "Well we found out Harry is Darcy's father and really!! She can walk? Good job lad!" Louis sad patting Niall on the back. " my baby can walk?" Harry looked at Darcy and smiled. "Let me see." Niall put her down and I kneeled down. "Come to mummy!" I said with my arms out. Well Darcy walked but not to me. To her daddy. I smiled. When she walked up to him she nearly fell but Harry caught her. She giggled and he picked her up. "Hey Darcy.Daddy's here." I smiled. And so did she.everything was becoming perfect again.

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