It's Harry Styles' Baby

Ava Mary-Anne is 17,nearly 18. She's been dating one direction's own Harry Styles for about 6 months. Harry and his band mates Liam,Niall,Louis,and Zayn are then called to go on tour. Ava and Harry knew that a long-distance relationship wouldn't work. So,they broke it off. But about a week after Harry leaves for tour,Ava then finds out she's pregnant. She knew it was Harry's because he's the only guy she had ever slept with. Ava worries about what to do. Her parents kick her out after she tells them and she goes to live with her aunt just about 5 minutes away outside from London. After 2 years. Ava is now 20 years old and comes out with a baby girl named Darcy. She's one years old and is already crawling.One day during a stroll in London with her baby, Harry Styles comes into her life again.


3. chap3.cant believe it

Two days after-


I decided it was time for my parents to know. So I waited til dinner time. I cooked my parents and myself some pasta and salad. I was so nervous. I haven't told anyone except my aunt. She said that she understands and that she here for me. My parents came home and dinner was ready by then. We all gathered in the kitchen and sat down in our usual spots. "Smells delicious honey." My father complimented. "Sure let's eat." My mom said. Without thinking about it I blurted it out. "I'm pregnant." They looked at me. "Are you sure?" My father asked. I nodded nearly about to tear. "Umm..well I'm guessing Harry is the father." I stuttered from hearing his name. "Y-yeah." My parents didn't look happy at all. "I want you out of this house tonight." My father surprised my mother and I from his words. I never thought he would say that. But I understood. "If that's what you would like.then,I understand. I'll go start packing." I looked down and got up. And went upstairs to start packing. I got my clothes together in 3 suitcases and other stuff in 4 other ones.

I called my aunt Mariam. She said I can live with her and I thanked her. I ended the call and continued packing. "Does Harry know?" A voice from behind me asked. "No." I simply answered. "Are you gonna tell him?" I thought about it for a moment. "No." I don't want him to know. "He'll find out somehow sweetie." My mothers hand landed on my shoulder. I stopped what I was doing for a moment to reply but I had nothing to say. I continued packing. "I can't believe that you're pregnant." I chuckled. "Well believe it mom.i am." I showed her the picture of the test. She laughed. "What's so funny?" I asked. "You used the same exact brand I used for finding out if I was pregnant with you."I laughed. I zipped up my last bag and faced my mom. "I'll come back for the rest of my things tomorrow if that's okay." She pulled me into a hug. "Anything for you to come over here." She said. I smiled. "I love you sweetheart." My mom started tearing. "And you." She rubbed my stomach. "We love you too." I kissed her cheek and she helped me carry my things to my car.

I walked into the kitchen and found my dad doing the dishes. I walked up to him and instantly said "I love you daddy. Goodbye." I kissed his cheek and turned to leave. He grabbed my arm and pulled me into a hug. "I love you more sweetheart." He kissed the top of my head. I let go and so did he. I looked up at him and smiled. "Bye." I said and left.

Aunt Mariam sent me her address. It was just about 5 mins outside of London. It only took an hour drive and I found it safely. It was amazing. It was about half the size of a mansion. There was a fountain that was beautiful. I pressed the button on the gate and someone spoke. "Who's there?" "'s me..Ava." After a second a buzz went off and the gate opened widely. I drove in and around the fountain and infront of the huge house. The door opened and aunt Mariam came out and two other women that look like maids. I got out and shut my door. I walked to aunt Mariam with open arms. "Oh my!!!theres my amazing niece Ava!"I laughed.she gave me a big bear hug. "Thanks for taking me in aunt Mariam. " I said. "It's no problem Sweetheart. As you can tell I have plenty of room." I laughed. The maids grabbed my bags and went inside. "Okay. Now come on it's already midnight we should get to bed. Poppy!Nancy!" The two women came and smiled at me. "Hey I'm Ava." "Hello." They said in unison. " can you show my niece to her new room please." They grabbed my hands and we went upstairs to my room. "Wow. This is amazing. Thank you. " I said they nodded their heads and left. I can't believe this is my new home. But mostly I can't believe in having a baby.

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