Living in Transformers Prime

I’m a TransFan who was taken into Transformers Prime, no thanks to Soundwave. I became a Cyber-Organic; the Transformers Prime Version of Techno-Organics. I also cannot die. I’m living in Transformers Prime, in the middle of season 1. Enough said.
In Transformers Prime: Book 2.


6. Lockdown: Stuck

Lockdown’s navigations indicated he’s close to Ivy’s location.His grip on the chair’s arm tightens, as did his jaw. Lockdown’s grip is loosened on the arm.Then he gets up and approaches the navigation panel looking mad.

“I’ve been going around the same area for a solar cycle.” Lockdown  does an area scan  of the enviorment.

 The area scan came up with a loop-hole effect; showing the same path.

 He saw the girl wearing pink sunglasses that have dark lenses while carrying what appears to be a big hammer yelling some context at a pink frightened scraplet for destroying something—that probably had been given to her recently—new today.Lockdown could hear  ‘I may be eyeless, BUT ME STILL HAS HEARING!”

The Scraplet shrieks, running off from Cyber-Organic that must be feared by it’s race—at this time she probably is—from this deed. Ivy missed the scraplet a couple times so it hit the ground fifteen time.Lockdown saw Miko and Jack hiding behind a big boulder watching a very determined Ivy bent on killing the scraplet. Since when does a Cyber-Organic get the guts to do that?, The Bounty Hunter thought, so much for her not affecting the war.

 “Ah,she’ll be easy to get.” Lockdown presses a button on the console.

A dark sphere, cage cybertronian built  device falls down towards Ivy.

“Ya better run!” Ivy yells, holding the hammer above her head. She didn’t slip or trip over anything, as though she did have eyes. “I have death threats assigned to you,” Her furious—she’s doing it in an over-exaggerated tone--voice sounded deep and furious that can creep out an average person. “And you will not live for long!”

The object fell through Ivy, and landed on the floor.

“Hyyaah!” Ivy slams the hammer on the scraplet, and then keeps breaking it and breaking it.

Ivy eventually drops the hammer. She walks over to a cave then takes out a miniature flame thrower, and gets a mask on. Ivy walks back to the scrapmetal in pieces. Her sunglasses can eerily be seen like a flame is going on in the lenses. She turns it on the badly damaged scraplet.

“Burn baby, burn.” A wicked smile came on the girls’ face. She presses the trigger and lets the scraplet shriek while being flamed to death.

Lockdown tries again but the metal cage machine fell through her again then tumbled down. It circled back below the ship.

“No.” Lockdown’s optics widens.  “It can’t be.”

Lockdown set a test run with the machine; it went through the boulder.

“No!” Lockdown slams his fist into the wall. He took his servo out of the wall. “I’ve been trapped in the shadowzone.”

The bounty hunter thought and thought, trying to figure how he got trapped.

Eventually he came to a conclusion. He looks down to his servo that is in a tight ball covered in what can be assumed to be wall scrap. The Bounty Hunter’s shoulders are shaking in utter fury, as the camera pulls back.

“I should have gotten here BEFORE the girl left the nemesis.” Lockdown’s voice did not sound pleased.  “This is .  .  .” Not acceptable, the bounty hunter thought, I’ve been fooled by an expert.  “The work of Soundwave.”

Soundwave is one of the well-known Cybertronians in this universe who knows how to operate a space bridge.

The screen powers on.

“Have you gotten the unwanted?” The eerie, but barely clear figure is seen on the screen.

Lockdown sighs, shaking his helmet.

“I’ve hit an inconvenient dead end.” Lockdown said.

“What do you mean  ‘dead end’?” The figure asks.

“In this universe, I’ve been put into a shadowzone; can’t get her.” Lockdown explains. The figure did not seem to understand the hold up. “The shadowzone is a parallel Dimension where you cannot interact with the other person, you go in circles, and you can’t get out unless someone opens a spacebridge to that specific Shadowzone.”

The figure is silent.

“You are like a shadow to the others; a zone where shadows live.” Lockdown defines the Shadowzone, while pointing to the floor and took two steps forward. “That’s why it’s called the Shadowzone.”

 “We’ll have to drag you out of another mess; who did it this time?” The Figure asks.

“Soundwave.” Lockdown stated.

“An admirable, silent decepticon; what a shame.” The figure said. “Following orders: it’s a pain to the arse.” The Figure muses. The figure tilts their helm upwards towards Lockdown. “We’ll get you out soon enough, but for now, we’ll let them see how intervening in our business will pay.”

“What?” Lockdown sounds surprised.

“She’ll make them regret it.” The figure said. “And she’ll come to you. Let the girl see what her preseance does to this universe, once then, we’ll weaken her. We’ll get rid of everything that has been keeping her alive in this universe; the one thing she counts most on.”

 “I really didn’t need to know that.” Lockdown acknowledges, rubbing his face.

Lockdown terminates the connection with the figure.

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