Living in Transformers Prime

I’m a TransFan who was taken into Transformers Prime, no thanks to Soundwave. I became a Cyber-Organic; the Transformers Prime Version of Techno-Organics. I also cannot die. I’m living in Transformers Prime, in the middle of season 1. Enough said.
In Transformers Prime: Book 2.


19. In Space

"Hide, where were you for the last stellar cycle?" Wheeljack asks, as his friend Ironhide is cleaning his dirty armor.

Ironhide looks up from his fore-arm's armor.

"I was watching the Life Fluff planet burn." Ironhide said, getting a 'I do not believe that' look from Wheeljack. "I'm serious!" Ironhide taps on his shiny red leg armor. "Come on, Jackie.Don't tell me the Merci ship's explosion went under your radar!" Wheeljack folds his arms. "I did other things than watch a planet burn."

"What Merci ship." Wheeljack said, questionably. 

"The Quaker ship." Ironhide said.  "I didn't get there in time for those poor seekers." Ironhide shook his helmet with a sigh to himself. "The Decepticons got there first." Ironhide returns to cleaning his apparently filthy fore-arm's armor. "Poor things."

"I mean, other than visiting Hush and busting your aft out of  a rogue captive facility; where've you been hiding?" Wheeljack asks, turning left away from a oncoming large dark gray rock material that then slid by Wheeljack's ship.

Ironhide rolls an optic as he continues to clean his filthy armor.

"Exploring a planet that had relics of our ancestors." Ironhide said. "I almost came across a small . . . human.'

"You almost crossed paths with a human?"Wheeljack repeats, stopping the vessel in the middle of space.  

Ironhide nods.

"Yes." Ironhide said. "But she was chasing after a miniature ship while yelling 'Don't go too high! I wanna prove ta Starscream I can make it back without needing the 'Con's help!'  strangely."

Wheeljack laughs amused by this story as he continues the flight.

 "How could you have missed her?" Wheeljack asks, looking at him like 'What the scrap have you been doing' kind of wa. "When you were feet away!"

"Ten feet." Ironhide corrects him.

"Ten feet then!" Wheeljack said, waving a broken blaster that is not his weapon. "I can't believe you keep missing her."

WheelJack finds it funny they keep missing each other. After all Ivy had been asking about him. However the communication systems to Earth had been fried when saving Ironhide's rear from a couple aggressive cybertronian-boxer-security individuals.Their laser blasters were more advanced than Decepticons that that they could break some of their own systems with it. Ironhide may have the cannons to kick butt, yet he can't do that alone when cornered by more than five.

Basically; Ironhide needs a partner to help him.

"You.  .  .  .know her?" Ironhide asks, finding this odd. 

"She's on Earth with Team Prime." Wheeljack said. "Her name is Ivy--no, that's a lie.I think you two have a lot to talk about that stellar cycle." He gets a  'whats her name?' look from Ironhide. Wheeljack rubs the middle of what could have been his nose bridge.I am not telling you her name, Hide."

"Jackie, be a pal!" Ironhide exclaims, dismayed his friend refused to tell him.

"Pals don't make a priceless 'Hi' moment go away." Wheeljack said.

"You're not fair." Ironhide grumbles, cleaning off his fore arm armor. "You know her better."

"Not completely." Wheeljack explains to him. "I've been--well was chatting with the Doc and Optimus on my way to earth."

"Why can't you tell me her name?" Ironhide asks.

"You have to ask her yourself." Wheeljack said. "We got a couple earth months till we get there."

"How long?" Ironhide questions him, raising an optic ridge at him.

"Next stellar cycle." Wheeljack said, and then Ironhide complains about it. "Look on the bright side!" Wheeljack  points at a florescent row of tube like glass lightning the room. "At least you'll be meeting this Cyber-Organic in her human form."

Ironhide's jaw drops.

"Cybertronian Organic? She;'s a . .  . Cybertronian Organic?" Ironhide repeats, getting a nod from Wheeljack.  "I thought they went into extinction!"

Wheeljack chuckles, taking out an energon cube from a cup shaped compartment.

"That's what Airachnid said." Wheeljack said. "Don't worry about her; she can't die." He takes a bite out of the energon cube with a stunned and speechless Ironhide. "I've heard this girl knows the ins and outs to Airachnid."

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