Living in Transformers Prime

I’m a TransFan who was taken into Transformers Prime, no thanks to Soundwave. I became a Cyber-Organic; the Transformers Prime Version of Techno-Organics. I also cannot die. I’m living in Transformers Prime, in the middle of season 1. Enough said.
In Transformers Prime: Book 2.


3. I bought sunglasses just to see you but

I somehow meet the Autobots, yay! How do I know this? Its bound to happen with Marcus Elbook on the loose; he has a phone in his pocket. I made sure by forcing him to take his dad’s phone like a skilled thief. I can brag all the way to the moon that I’m a bad role model just by teaching a non-related sibling how to steal a phone.

“How’s the alien doing?” I heard a woman’s voice.

“Don’t say Alien, Catherine!” I heard a man sharply correct her. “This is a living, breathing cybertronian organic. You must refer ‘the alien’ to as THE GIRL.”

“You don’t need to yell at me, Jerry.” Cathrine, that’s who this woman’s voice belongs to, critics him.

“You need to stop watching Aliens.” Jerry said.

“At least this one doesn’t come out of your chest.” Catherine said.

I don’t know what’s wrong with my eyes but this eerie black blanket of blinding is very scary, concerning, and um, well you begin to imagine the worst thing possible where you are at.I try forcing my eyes open but it felt like they did open when all I can see is nothing. Let’s say I’m scared about having tubes inside, let’s say they have taken a few pieces of me, let’s say my arms might be wrapped because these people may have drawn blood.

“She’s awake.” Jerry said.

“.  .  .JERRY, WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER EYES?” Catherine shrieks, probably taking a step back.

“. .  . nothing.” Jerry said.

“The hell you did,” Catherine is mad, madder than I have ever overheard a woman in an argument with a man. “Get them out of the observation lab—I’m not going because you know how cybertronian parts disgust me—and don’t come back until you have it.”

“What about you?” Jerry asks.

“Someone has to treat an alien with dignity and respect.” Catherine said. I can give her thumbs up for that belief.  “Those un-damaged sunglasses will be over her sockless eyes.”

Oh, so.  .  . I have no eyes? What the slag is going on here? Is team Mech THAT obsessed with Cybertronians?

“There, that’s better.” Catherine said, probably after she put my sunglasses over my sockless eyes. “Eh .  .  .   I have to go; it’s not you. It’s your sockless eyes.”

I’m assuming she probably means optics. Because: eyes equals optics in the world of Transformers.

Her high heels—how can you not recognize the sound of heels?—clatter against the floor walking away.

“I wonder why you have a Decepticon symbol.” Jerry said, walking closer around me. “George, get those eyes.”

“Yes sir.” That’s probably George. “Will do.”

I heard George walk away.

“I’ll turn your voice box on, and, you better explain how you got that brand.” Jerry said.


I heard a click.

“In your dreams!” I yell at him, hearing some people gasp and tools were sent flying while clicking against some other wooden surface. “I will never tell this to a person who wants to make their own slagging Transformer! You have no idea who ya got, do ya?”

“An opportunity.” Jerry said.

“No.” I said, with a growl. “You have a liability here that is a threat to everyone in this room. If a certain Bounty Hunter comes this way and demands to have me; but you refuse, prepare for your annihilation. He’s gone through Megatron and probably others searching for me.”

“What makes you say this?” Jerry asks.

“I know my bad guys better than you know about the Autobots.” I sneer.

Underneath all that over-confident, challenging, and bubbly-girl is a threatening woman who does stay true to her word and is very over protective of her friends. I did not like this man at all nor did this man have a good vibe coming off him.Jerry’s vibe indicates  he is  dangerous and a tank to destroy with all the right material.

“Liar.” Jerry flatly denies. “George, wait up, we are not putting those eyes back in!”

 I heard the man walk away.

Don’t really know how long everyone was gone, but it definitely felt like hours had gone by.

“Don’t move.” I heard a light femme voice.She  sounds nice—oh wait a second there I recognize her voice from the first aired episode of Transformers Prime! That is no other than Arcee! She’s the one who was all ‘come on, Jack’ while Decepticons were coming her way and he was taking his sweet time to chat with a hot chick.

“I ain’t moving.” I complied.


Something cold, and hard grabbed my ankle shortly after fifteen minutes of this whizzing  sound bothering these ears of mine. I held on to my sunglasses fully aware that when I came home; no one should request me to take these off. Because; for starters my eyes are literletly in the hands of cybertronian obsessed nerds. Yes I have dared to call Team Mech a group of obessed Cybertronian nerds.

“Arcee, I got the motorcycle helmet you wanted!” I hear Jack Darby. “Hey, that’s the girl I told you about last year.”

I suppose some things never change.

“Jack, I told you not to come.” Arcee sounds urgent. “How did you get here?”

I’m hanging upside down, probably half-way out and inside the building.How do I know this without my eyesight? It’s because the hanging lamps (I assume that’s what they are)from the ceiling are bumping against my head. The slight unusual chilly Nevada breeze brushed past my free ankle.

“Bulkhead.” Jack said. “I told him it was an emergency to ask you.”

“I’m hanging upside down.” I said, hearing footsteps headed my way. “And I dunno if you are paying attention, but I hear someone coming.”

Arcee lifts me out of the building.

“I recognized this girl from the ankles.” Jack sarcastically said. “Wow, I got skill.”

“Why are you wearing sunglasses?” Arcee asks me.

“I can’t see ya.” I said, feeling myself swinging back and forth. “So I guess my advantage is easy.”

I don’t see their lips move like water, at least.

“Where’s the alien?” Catherine shrieks. “Autobots are here!”

Arcee jumps down—probably from the roof—then grabbed Jack by him-at-first claiming ‘I can run’ and her saying ‘I’m the faster one here’. The fast-quick cold speeding breeze brushed past my face. I heard shooting from after Arcee. I guess Lockdown is taking his sweet time coming after me. Or that he’s getting ready to come after me using the weapons he hadn’t destroyed capturing Megatron and late on torturing the poor guy.

“Why are you wearing sunglasses?” Jack asks.

“Later!” I yell.


 I could hear a bullet zip past my ear, and, Arcee jumping on to some rocky mountain structure. I had my hands keeping the sunglasses back over these sockless orbitals. Orbitals refer to the back of your eye; bone wise. Yes, that is the right time to use that slagging word; The.right.time. She ran further and further away from Team MECH’s base.

“So your name is Ivy Elbook?” Arcee asks.

“Yes.” I said.

I wanted to pull a prank and say my name was something else just so Megatron could laugh then tell them ‘Her name is Ivy.’ While calling them out to be organic lovers who got names wrong. But since I’ve been adopted and my not-related sibling likely contacted the Autobots, I decided not to pull that prank.

“Elbook?” Jack said.

“I know, weird name.” I said.

“They own a comic store in town!” Jack said. “How can I not know you?”

“The  sky,boy." I did a quote straight from the Dragon in DragonHeart.  "Look at the sky.”

“I do not understand how the sky matters.” Arcee adds.

“That’s the thing.” I said. “That’s what I told Starscream when he asked my real name and I ditched him there guessing my name.”

“Starscream?” Jack repeats, probably raising eyebrows at this.“Since when  have you met Starscream and survived?”

“I can’t die.” I said. “I can feel pain but not a blast can kill me. It back fires and hits them.”

“She’s a Techno-Organic—“ Arcee starts, but I interrupted her.

“Cyber-Organic!”   I correct her. “Techno Organics; that’s so old school.”

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