Living in Transformers Prime

I’m a TransFan who was taken into Transformers Prime, no thanks to Soundwave. I became a Cyber-Organic; the Transformers Prime Version of Techno-Organics. I also cannot die. I’m living in Transformers Prime, in the middle of season 1. Enough said.
In Transformers Prime: Book 2.


18. How to Knock Out a KO part 1

"Breakdown?" Knock Out calls.

Knock Out and Breakdown were searching for Predacon bones for Shockwave. Knock Out is wandering down the cave with concern on his faceplate. He could not have ditched me in here, Knock Out thought as his servo clutches bones that once belonged to Predacons. Some of the bones had scratch marks and dents from human hunters. The dark gray ground has aged since humans began digging this mine.

Clumps of coal is seen at the hall's sides.

"I found the Predacon skull!" Breakdown's voice comes from the darkness. Knock Out sighs much relieved. "I'm not a sparkling." Breakdown said as he strolls forward  from the dark tunnel with a large Tyrannosurus Predacon skull in his servo's.

We see a little smile grow on the edges of Knock Out's mouth.

"I know." Knock Out said with a shrug. We see that little smile go away. "Sometimes it gets me worried when you go 'Soundwave' mode."

Breakdown stops in his tracks.

"I do not." Breakdown said as a frown appeared on his faceplate.

"Yes, you do."  Knock Out insitsts. "Sometimes I don't even know you are there until some Vehicons come  crowding the room. Then I hear what Starscream usually describes as 'suggestive paranoid somewhat can become true some solar cycle' theories."

"Remember that last time when those life fluffs made their way aboard the ship?" Breakdown said, as he recieved a nod from Knock Out. "Who was the one who said they can drain all the life outta a Decepticon?"

"You." Knock Out said.

Breakdown snickers, "And who was the one who forced you to go after Ivy with Starscream and a flamethrower?"

"Megatron." Knock Out whispers.

"The Flame thrower!"  Breakdown snaps his right hand's digits.

"You." Knock Out said, a little bit louder.

The Wheels came to a sudden stop.

"Who was the one said Ivy will make Starscream scream he's a femme?" Breakdown asks again, walking closer to Knock Out. "And said she'll break me down on the beast planet?"

"You did,Breakdown." Knock Out said.

"I'm not a lunatic." Breakdown said.  "I'm right, sometimes. But that doesn't mean I can be a Soundwave!"

Knock Out snickers as he shook his helm.

"Your aft isn't  a place to draw doodles of zombies." Knock Out gets a 'what' reaction from Breakdown.It suddenly became extremely awkward between the two Decepticons. "Oh.   .  .  .  .Forget that!" Knock Out shakes his free servos that were still--somehow--holding the Predacon bones. "I thought you had Starscream tatto you to impress me."

The wheel's resumed this time faster from behind Knock Out. However it seemed like the two Decepticons were ignoring the wheels all together--probably thinking it was each other doing it to creep the other out.

"I'm nothing like the mech who brought the girl into this universe." Breakdown elaborates, as we heard footsteps coming and a set of  heavy wheels. "I cleaned up the little mess Starscream had made with that disgusting human body."

"Cloned body." Knock Out corrects him, as he heard footsteps coming from the distance.  "Did you hear that?"

"No,"  Breakdown denied, digging some dirt out of the Predacon skull.  He shook his helm at a thought that recently entered his processor. "Looks like I am not the only crazy one here." 

"I swore I heard wheels  .  . ." Knock Out said, tipping his helm down.

"Wait, she has clones?" Breakdown reacts, and drops the skull. Knock Out gasps then caught it with his leg. "So that means she can put sea-weed into my engines, spray paint my armor entirely black, repaint my skin purple, and repaint my optics!"

Knock Out looks up at Breakdown.

"She can't paint over optics." Knock Out said, as a matter of fact.

Then the blasts had came. The first one sent Breakdown far from Knock Out.

"Breakdown!" Knock Out shouts, and then turns his helmet to see who had shot him.

Of course: Humans.

"Shoot them!" A loud brave human voice shouts. "We need their tech."

Knock Out scrambles up as more shots racqueted against his armor sliding down leaving gray and and light blue streaks on his armor. We hear Knock Out complain that he had recently cleaned his paintjob a megacycle ago. Breakdown sent a large boulder tumbling down the path to the humans with a loud easily heard thud clud down the tunnel.The Two Decepticons flee from the humans; visibly startled and thrown off guard.

"It's very tempting to break your armor cleaner." Breakdown yells out to Knock Out--who's holding the Tyrannosaurus Rex Predacon skeleton--as his feed crushed big rocks into pebbles.

 "Knock Out to Soundwave." Knock Out calls.

"Calling the silent one already?" Breakdown said with a grunt. "That's a new record."

Knock Out shook his helm when a bullet grazed by his cheek plating.

"Soundwave!" Knock Out yells. "Open the bridge to the Nemeisis."

There is no reply. A Space Bridge did not appear. Usually Soundwave would have the bridge up


A large blast flew by Knock Out's shoulder and hit the wall making rocks tumble from the cieling.

"Reply; please!" Knock Out pleads.

"We're being ignored by the silent one." Breakdown sarcastically said, shooting back at the humans who were using heavy weapons on them. "We must have gotten him some energon cake--DIE ALREADY!" He shot at  a couple humans on a military jeep and made it explore. "Didn't we do this last solar cycle?"

"Knock Out to Shockwave." Knock Out comns Shockwave. "Open the bridge to the Nemesis!"

Shockwave stood stunned at his creation--that's a domesticated and experimented dog like scraplet--that was scratching at it's ear like a dog.

"Is that logical?" Shockwave asks.  "I'm in the middle of domesticating a experimented scraplet."

"It isn't logical!" Knock Out yells. "Open the bridge. We're being attacked by humans."

"This isn't logical." Shockwave said the obvious. His creation made energon toast pop out from it's back. Shockwave caught the energon toast using his free servos. "Call Soundwave."

"Can't." Knock Out said, dodging a sharp and explosive bullet. "He's not answering my calls."

Shockwave shook his helm while muttering 'Always the terrible bridges'.

"I'm setting it up for you." Shockwave said, pressing an array of buttons on a large and a wide machine. "You have exactly three logical minutes to escape from the humans."

"Logical minutes." Knock Out repeats.

"I didn't say that." Shockwave said, in a monotone voice.

"Ah ha!" Knock Out said, at Shockwave's denial. "So she was in the room before I."

"Abby was not there." Shockwave said. "It was a clone."

A space bridge appeared down the tunnel.

"The Bridge is up!" Breakdown acknowledges, as bullets flew off his back.

Knock Out's wheels--attached to the back of his leg--moved forwards under his gigantic like foot.

"I'll race you there."  Knock Out said, with one of his usual grins.

"Knock Out, we're not being chased by Beast Planet inhabitants!" Breakdown chased. "I would have loved to do that.Humans chasing us with weapons that are charged and loaded in a dark tunnel are another story."

The red Decepticon drove faster than Breakdown to the space bridge. We see one of the guns discharged another large blast that hit Breakdown square at the back. The Large Decepticon fell down on the ground. The pain in his back is so great to Breakdown it could be compared to Megatron shooting him at the helmet.We see hints of smoke drift out from Breakdown's back large hole seeping blue energon.

"Knock Out!" Breakdown yells. "Faster!"

Knock Out got close enough to the bridge but the he looks over his shoulder and saw Breakdown in pain.Breakdown takes out a larger gun that somewhat resembles one seen in the generation 1 counterpart to Transformers Prime and pressed the trigger at the upcoming humans. However Knock Ouit didn't stop  in his tracks when turning his helmet.We see a large rocket like device flying towards Knock Out's direction. The large red and gray decepticon zipped through into the space bridge. 

The Space bridge closed behind Knock Out and the rocket hit the ground wall.

"Breakdown!" Knock Out yells,turning to his right after he had landed in the nemesis The bridge closes in the nemesis. "Oh no."

Starscream came by with Shockwave's new pet.

"Oh." Starscream said. "You decided to finally get into combat without the dreadful armor reparier?"

Knock Out's optics are full of dread.

"That's a big accomplishment." Starscream said,while patting Knock Out's shoulder. He then recognized the look in his optics then takes his hand off Knock Out's shoulder. When a Decepticon had probably lost a partner close to them not too long ago it's very obvious in their optics.

Knock Out held the Tyrannosaurus Rex predacon skeleton that seemed ready to fall from his servos.

"Let me take it."  Starscream said in a way that is careful to someone in mourning;while carefully taking the skull from the young mech.

Breakdown's energy signature dissapears off the radar.

"He's gone." Knock Out said, his voice filled in emotion after letting him take the skull. Knock Out tips his  helm down to the floor.  "I couldn't stop them."

"Who?"  Starscream asks, raising an optic brow at Knock Out.

The domesticated dog like Scraplet is rubbing it's back on the floor and wagging it's tail.

"The humans." Knock Out said, as his voice raised.He looks up to Starscream. "The humans ambushed us."

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