Living in Transformers Prime

I’m a TransFan who was taken into Transformers Prime, no thanks to Soundwave. I became a Cyber-Organic; the Transformers Prime Version of Techno-Organics. I also cannot die. I’m living in Transformers Prime, in the middle of season 1. Enough said.
In Transformers Prime: Book 2.


17. Explosiveness

“Your  mistake, huh?” Airachnid said, following the shorter Decepticon through a tunnel leading down to a room in the nemesis. Soundwave kept silent as Airachnid sauntered around him like a very curious child with an emergency. “You brought her here.” Airachnid gets in his way. “And I would like a simple answer: why.”

Soundwave folds his arms.

“Why can’t she die?” Airachnid said, as the last part of her reply sounded like a hiss.

Soundwave shook his helm, and then he walks around the gigantic spider.

“Soundwave.” Airachnid turns around.  “You can’t keep silent about this.”

As though she had made a dare, Soundwave continues down the hallway in a ‘watch me’ manner. Stubborn mech, Airachnid thought. Airachnid wanted answers—and she wouldn’t get it from Knock Out’s so called explanation about a very protective invincible layer—from the one who happened to take her out. Whatever type of Space Bridge he used must have been effective on Ivy’s body. Spacebridges usually wouldn’t cast a longing effect unless it was set up to be strong across channels, dimensions, and universes; specifically.

Thought: It won’t be Starscream who’ll kill her, Soundwave processes as he walks away deep in thought about , It will be me who’ll end this once and for all.Soundwave lifted his helmet up admitting that it was his mistake. But he would not watch someone kill his mistake instead of him doing it. It didn’t seem fair to let someone else take care of the mess he let unfold and walk around the ship bluntly pointing out the cons were being idiots.

 The mistake,Ivy being the mistake, that could not die.

The mistake who kind of forced the Vehicons and Decepticons into making a support group.

“Comment: She’s my mistake.” Soundwave mutters to himself. “Add: I should kill her.”

________                 _____                                    _________

.  . . . One week later  . .  .

“Arcee,what happened to Ivy’s body?” I heard Ratchet’s voice.

What happened?

Oh yeah, some building that was specifically for a motorcycle repair shop been exploded. The Decepticons were aware Arcee regularly visited the place. Today, on this ill-warranted day, I went with Arcee. No one knew I was going with her minus Arcee, it was unexpected to everyone even Bumblebee who was clicking a lot. Arcee didn’t have enough time to use her body as a shield.

“Starscream attacked.” Arcee said, putting my body on the table.

Oh yeah the IDS was destroyed in the explosion, too. The last words from it were ‘Oncoming destructive device from the sky’.

“Her body is burnt,” Ratchet said, sounding disgusted.  “So . . . cracked like a shell.” I heard a spring from his neck. “What happened to her sunglasses?”

Where are my sunglasses?

“They were destroyed.” Arcee said, in a low voice. “She’s still has consciousness.”

My sunglasses, no!

“She’s awake?” Ratchet repeats what she had just said.

Arcee sighs to herself.

“She can’t move.” Arcee said. “You know how she can’t stand still for one minute.”

Ratchet said something that I couldn’t catch. It must have been his side notes deciding what to do.The robot sounds from Ratchet’s body indicates he looks up from my body. Then I heard mechanical springs coming from the doorway. It was followed by fast hard metal tapping on the floor at once. Arcee’s gasp is loud. Ratchet’s gasp is not that loud but you get the gist he’s shocked. I heard both of them step back as something scurried towards me.

“I-i-is that.  . .” Arcee said.

“Her optics; yes.” Ratchet finishes for her.

Come here optics, who’s the good boy? Yes you are! Come here!

“Her optics  .  .   .” Ratchet starts to say.

“Have legs.”  Arcee finishes for him.

What happened next could be awkward or just plain creepy. The optics squeezed themselves in—At first my eye sockets felt burning hot like a heated iron had been applied to them---and began  reconstructing themselves into whatever holes, slides, and parts that had been disconnected from my eyes.

 “I can see!”  I yell, jumping off. “I can see!”

I heard this transforming sound coming from me. What the slag happened? Eventually I saw light. I could see again. I can see! My legs, arms, hands, and fingers regained their individual senses in a click. What I didn’t know is that in a click; things would be different.

I ran around in circles.

“Eyesight is always good news.” Ratchet said.

“But she can’t speak.” Arcee said, putting her servo in my way.

I stare at her.

“Arcee, you just made her lose battery.” Ratchet said.

“I can speak.” I said.

Arcee shook her head with this odd look on her face plate.

“You are clicking.” Arcee said

I look up at her, then back down to my gray arms and then my legs. It was as though my body had covered itself in a cocoon. I observe my trembling body that appeared to be in a ‘battlemode’ so I felt my shoulders where something pointy bumped against it.That must be a sword or something to the effect. It must be a shoulder armor sticking out. Oh wait it feels like a shovel. I look down seeing a hooked long sharp hook feature from the shovel connected to a circle thing with a hole under the place where a sports bra usually ends.

I look over my shoulder; yep, so right about the shovel part.

Except it has these two holes shaped like triggers.

It even has the opening for a cannon blast.

    Now what is that?

 “Ivy.” Ratchet said. “This is only temporary.”

 I sigh.

 “Damn it,” I stomp my foot. “Starscream!”

“You won’t have this protective covering in six earth months.” Ratchet said.

 I guess my body is healing from the traumatic event.

“In six earth months?” I  probably beeped flailing my arms. “That’s forever!”

“What should we do with the apartment until that time .  . .” Arcee asks.

“I don’t really know.” Ratchet said.

I grab out some paper nearly tripping over the long twills rail parts sticking out form the sides of my legs that have a sharp  edge at the top. Gosh I feel so clumsy; oh wait I am clumsy.Why do I always get into the most absurd scenarios with the Autobots? Oh yeah that’s because I’m crazy, and I’m clumsy. My protective metal covering is all gray. Except there is a blue viscard thingy similar to what Jazz wore in Transformers Animated that cover my eyes. There are two holes for   my nose.

Nope, no hole for my mouth. Remember my hunger bar is full.

“Looky!” I held the paper up.

“Her writing is terrible.” Arcee notes.

“I can’t read that.” Ratchet added.

I grabbed a machine thingy that Ratchet made to  make letters in fine print: Have a paper stabled to the door ‘Be back in 6 months’.

“Oooh.”  Arcee and Ratchet said.

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