Living in Transformers Prime

I’m a TransFan who was taken into Transformers Prime, no thanks to Soundwave. I became a Cyber-Organic; the Transformers Prime Version of Techno-Organics. I also cannot die. I’m living in Transformers Prime, in the middle of season 1. Enough said.
In Transformers Prime: Book 2.


9. Chase

A couple days passed after the whole ‘your arm can extend’ revelation had occurred. To be precise it has been a week since the discovery. Ratchet had the Scraplet carefully removed from my frozen hand in a freezing room without any heat allowed in the room. Though I did try to stay out of major events; key word here is ‘try’.

So one day, when all the Autobots were not in the base. I decided to ‘clean’ the base; because I’m that bored.

“Couch is very dirty with dust bunnies underneath.” IDS said.

I had Jack  buy some cleaning supplies for me; The Autobots will be back tomorrow.

“Specifics, please.” I press the switch on the vacuum.

Jack,Miko, and Raf are busy doing something else that doesn’t require my intervention.

“There’s a lot of dirt under the couch.”  IDS said.  

If I had eyes then they would have rolled at the remark.

“And the ceiling  is full of spider webs.” IDS adds.

Spiderwebs equals spiders, it’s the natural order of things in life.

I went ahead and began cleaning the base. The Autobots sure have a big training room to practice their skills or weapons, for the matter. The IDS colorful descriptions really helped me imagine a giant room with everything dummies or practice objects for Olympic like things. It could be bigger than most training areas.My apartment is very clean, thank you.

“Bar is clean.” IDS said.

TransFans would usually assume Cyber-Organisc would live with the Autobots or in a secret base near Team Prime.I’m breaking that trend that started way back in the Transformers Animated fandom, it’s so true you have to acknowledge it.Okay little kids, there’s a little thing called having  ‘independence’ especially if you are like 18 or 19. It also means not to do what you would usually see in fanfictions—well love is another story.

Yes, there is a bar in the training room for the Autobots to set whatever weapon on the table.

“The ceiling needs to be washed.”  The IDS said.

 “Water hose, water hose, water hose.” I repeat. “Where can there be a water hose.  . .”

Knowing how to describe action: that all comes from writing in the Bayverse.

“Oh yeah!” I snap my fingers.

Ratchet had repaired the damage to my elbow and reconnected it.I used the IDS as a guide to transform the vacuum cleaner into a ceiling washer in about five minutes tops.I then used the vacuum by connecting it to the sink, and then literally jumped around on my extending legs holding the vacuum’s long wiggly slippery thing shaped like a hose. I used a big soap to clean the ceilings and then spray it with the water.

 Good thing I can’t see, or else I would be falling back on some furniture in the rooms I cleaned.

“Up and down,” I sang, hearing my voice bounce in the room. I sang it like a country song with beats to it. “Up and down goes the ceiling cleaner!”

Eventually the IDS device had to say the ceilings were clean and so was the floor.

“Creeping near to a room with medical supplies sticking out.” IDS siad.

I slap my forehead.

“And Ratchet claims to have it clean.” I mumble, sliding my hand down my face. 

Next  up is to clean Ratchet’s room.  I heard the doors open, however, it could not be possible. I hit something hard and glass like with a broom by accident. Though coming to terms that I lost a Decepticon necklace is n little bit harder, though, I can assume it’s still at Team Mech’s base for safety. Oh the wonders of the universe when you feel glad a important object is at some villain’s place, there’s gotta be something screwed up about that.

If anyone remembers the DareDevil movie that was set in Live Action where the dude could see everything, even hearts, outlined in blue then please bear with me. It’s completely dark; so dark there’s no star shaped holes to provide me a little insight; that is the side effect of having no optics. That’s why I have The Identification Device Service.

“Cleaning up a medical room.” I sang to myself, using the IDS as my second pair of eyes to clean up the room.

I used the broom as a slide-skate, sort of, when sliding down the wet soapy floor squealing.

“Clean up rocks!” I cheer while sliding across the room.

“Oncoming: big, tall gray metal refridgerator doorless object.” The IDS said.

Ratchet’s berth is probably huge like Breakdown’s.

Yes, I have been so bored on the Nemesis I’ve explored everyone’s rooms.


“My optics!” The screech of a unfamiliar femme frightened me and somehow knocked me on the wet floor “You little brat, I will make you pay for this!”

“Um, I’m not a kid.” I correct her. “And two, I’m sorry but you are low class idiot for calling me a fragging brat.” I lecture the voice that had suddenly come out of the blue. I raise the broom in all directions all while on the floor.  “I’m eighteen years old, I can’t die, I’m usually full, and i can extend my legs and arms!”

There is complete silence, for awhile.

 “I ain’t an alien,” I said, firmly ending the silence. “Make a better insult next time towards me.”

“The gigantic spider machine has backed away.” The IDS said.

Tap tap tap went soft tipped metal on the floor.


I laugh, shaking my head.

“If I were lying, then this would be the biggest lie ever.”  I got up on my two feet. My pants feel wet. This is totally a ‘this is what happens when you don’t use roller skates’ situation except I did this on a broom. “I do not recognize your voice, who are you?”

“Airachnid.” Airachnid said with a hiss in her voice.

For the first time since Soundwave brought me into this universe; I was met with fear.

“A-a-a-a-as in Blackarachnia?” I ask. Okay, I didn’t mention that I hate spiders. Sorry for that.  I’m deathly scared of this one that is for sure.

 “No.” Airachnid said. “Your head would make quite the trophy.”

I slip back on the floor probably a few inches away from the gigantic spider.

“My head does not have eyes.” I reason, feeling my pants get wet.

Tap tap tap went her metal spider legs somehow brushing through the soapy floor.

“I can put fake ones in.” Airachnid comments, as the sounds from her metallic body tell me she is reaching her servo out.

With a quick whisk my arm extends with the broom in hand and smacks Airachnid’s face. She screechs stumbling back—probably landing on her back—as the soapy floor finally took effect.As though this broom is made of titanium it did not break from the power smack on a really tough surface. I got up then stretch my legs while running towards the door. Ratchet’s room, why did she come here?,  I thought assumingly she must have been  .  . . .

Um no, if she used to be a cybertronian that wasn’t spiderlike then Airachnid would have been formerly Elita One or someone else.  But on the other hand she could been created from a freak science accident—In the original plans for Blackarachnia in Transformers Animated, Elita One was supposed to die from a science experiment and Blackarachnia be the reason why the femme died.

“Run girl.” I tell myself, hearing something break in Ratchet’s room.

Fighting outside Ratchet’s room is a wise choice.Oh frag he’s so going to kill me for this!

“I will take your head, organic.” I heard her make the threat from inside Ratchet’s room.

She did not pay attention to what I had said. Airachnid does not listen, does she?

“My name is Ivy, you low class idiot!” I retort, sliding out of the room and landed at the side of some wall.

Wow, that hurts my back. The broom is still in my hand.

“Lab  room is down the hall.” IDS said.

A few days ago Ratchet had programmed the IDS with directions all over the base, as a reminder where I was or where certain rooms were. Thank Primus for Ratchet’s philosophy ‘You need it’ or was it ‘just in case’?

“Great,the Doc Bot’s right.” I grumble, getting up. “Activate: Laundry.”

My pants didn’t feel so wet now that it’s been dried.

“Come here little organic.” Airachnid teases as I zipped across the hallway hearing her spider legs tap—and somewhat thud-- against the floor.

I am not scared of some spider. I am scared of some spider. I am not scared of some spider, damn it of course you are!

“Cyber Organic!” I correct the little creepy Decepticon chasing after me.

My hair is really thick and dark brown. I don’t think it would go well with her trophies.

“Stop running,” Airachnid calmly said, as she is coming closer and closer. “It’s futile.”

“Futile is in your dreams, mother-fragging-spider-lady with a bunch of scrap metal all over her torso as an imbecile and horrid decoration!” I hollered, jumping and then flipping towards her direction stretching  my arms. If Airachnid wanted to have me so be it and she will feel every medicine she can get from me!

 “Long wide arms, stick like shoulders, a Maleficent helmet, claw like shoulder armor.” The IDS describes her right when I had leaped.

I took out two spray cans while spinning then click the top and crisscross my arms against each other.

“Blue and green paint is being sprayed.” The IDS remarks.

“No!” Airachnid screeches,  right as a hard metal object hit me.

I landed on the floor—but not legs first as a prepared person would be—on my side.

“You’ve been hanging around Knock Out too much.” I said, knowing only ONE Decepticon who cares about his armor that dearly.

I hear a hiss from her.

 “I came to offline Autobots, not to be dealt like this.” Airachnid complains. “I should have sent my army here instead.”

“Did your mother drop you as a baby?” I ask.

“Sparkling.” Airachid corrects me.

If I had eyes then they would have gotten big.

“You were dropped as a sparkling by your mother?” I repeat my insane accusation.

It took a moment for it to register in her processor.

“I am not stupid, human.” Airachnid said, approaching me closer and closer.

I extended my arm then slid my self down the hallway.

“Too stupid to ask Megatron about Cyber-Organics?” I teasingly ask her.

“Cyber-Organics are extinct.” Airachnid stated it as though this is a fact.

I cannot believe a femme of her statue will be proven wrong today.

“You are a fool, Mrs Airachnid.” I said. “You ARE part organic, technically, so that makes you a cyber-organic.”

“Gigantic spider is approaching.” The IDS said.

“I am never wrong.” Airachnid said.

I rolled into Bumblebee’s room as she ran over the empty space. Gosh she is a pure bred idiot.  The IDS said she went into Bulkhead’s room, so, I ran into Optimus Prime’s room then grabbed a power-hose and chased after the gigantic insect that should die on the behalf of insertname and insertname species. Yes, that insertname is serious and potential for everyone she’s inflicted misery to!

“Ah!” Airachnid screams. “My back, it burns!”

“Then die with your burning torture and crawl into a hole, afterwards you should die.” I said, serious.

Somehow Airachnid knocks the power-hose out of my hands then hit my face using her sharp clawed digits.

“Ow!” I yelp, covering the side of my face.

Airachnid gasps.

“A  .  .  .Techno-Organic.” Airachnid said, after her gasp. “I ran them down into extinction!”

“The word is Cyber-Organic.” I correct her, as the stinging pain from the wound greatly affects my mind.

Airachnid grabs me.

“Who are you?” Airachnid squeezes me, tightly.

Wait, am I gonna die? No I can’t die.

“I-I-I-Ivy.” I squeak. “B. Pond.”

“Want me to believe you are a human?” Airachnid sneers, squeezing me tighter.

The pain from my chest is tight.

“N-Nn-n-o.” I stutter. “I expect you to believe I-I-I am a Cyber-Organic; a Cybertronian Organic.”

“Who’s the one who hid you?” Airachnid questions me as her grip became deadlier and deadlier. Her voice became something that needed to be shaved, newly brandished, and whipped with cream. Her voice sounds to be demanding, at least.

“No one.” I then bit her digit.

Airachnid drops me, likely swaying her servo back and forth holding it by the wrist. She said some other cybertornian slang that didn’t make sense to me. Well I didn’t understand it because they were relatively new. Since when does slang became new to a Transfan whose pretty much used a few of them in her life? When you are me; it becomes unusual when used by an unfamiliar Decepticon.

“Ask Gladiator Megatronous about this!” I yell, this time acknowledging Megatron’s full name correctly with an ‘ous’.  “And then telegraph Soundwave why he did what he did.”

“I listen to no one.” Airachnid said, with a hint of distaste in her voice.

I yank out a powered laser gun.

“You listen to me, spider lady.” I said. “Run before I destroy those limbs and rip you to pieces.”

I hear her large spider like legs step back.

“Those threats are ones my lord would make.” Airachnid said.  “You can’t have the authority, the audacity, and the courage to do what we---“

“Consider impossible.” I finish for her, creping closer and closer to the femme with the dangerous weapon.

I stuck my tongue out.

“It’s absurd.” Airachnid said.

“It’s me.” I said.  “And whenever you come to offline my friends, and they are not here, but I am here .  . . You will get a female humansized Megatron who is blind and can extend their joints on your back using the power hose.”

“You’ve been around Starscream.” Airachnid concludes by my nicely worded threat.

“I learn from the best, spider lady.” I said.

“My name is Airachnid.” Airachnid corrects me.

“I’m Ivy Bell Pond.” I said my name, completely. The last part of my name is completely fictional so it’s not the real one. My finger is in the trigger object or whatever the scrap it’s called. “Whenever you hear my name, be very scared because next time I am not playing merci on you.”

“You are bluffing.” Airachnid accuses me.

I frown, putting my finger tightly on the trigger.

“I never bluff.” I said, shooting the energy blaster gun at the ceiling.  The high pitch blast rattled in my ears. “Now scram before the trigger is pulled on you, spiderlady.”

__________                               _________________                                        _________

       .  .  . The next day  .  .  .

The powered laser blaster had been broken into pieces because of Airachnid’s little insecticon.So much for not breaking something else belonging to Ratchet. The Autobots got back from their little mission set somewhere that I would never learn what it was, exactly. Optimus and Ratchet requested to speak with me; guess I didn’t get everything cleaned up.

 “Is  this about the powered laser blaster?” I ask.

“No,” Optimus said. “It’s about moving the couch from the living room into Arcee’s quarters.”

 “What?” I ask, surprised.  That must have been Airachnid’s doing, I guess.  “I didn’t do that.”

“What about the Syium 260?” Ratchet asks.

“I. . .um  .  .  .” I tapped my fingers together.  “Sort of broke it.”

 “Ivy.  .  .” Ratchet said, with an exasperated breath. “I needed that.”

“Airachnid wouldn’t stop bugging me about putting fake eyes in.” I said.

“Airachnid?” Optimus repeats the name as I heard him walk forward.

“I dunno, but she somehow got into the base.” I said. “While I was, um, cleaning Ratchet’s room.”

“Elita  . . .” Optimus said in a low voice.

I heard the big guy walk away, leaving me and Ratchet.

“Elita One exists?” I said, rubbing my chin.

Ratchet sighs.

“Yes, yes she did.” Ratchet said in a way that was like a memory from a distant past.

It also sounded like a man recalling someone he is fond of.

“There has to be a catch.” I said. “What happened to her?”

“Airachnid happened, Ivy.” Ratchet said.

Airachnid killed Elita One.  At least she didn’t mutate into Airachnid.

“When did she . . . offline her?” I ask, curious about Elita-1’s death full of circumstance.

 “During the war on cybertron. . .” I imagine Ratchet’s optics power down briefly mentioning the war then power them back on. “Optimus had to watch her die, while restrained by Airachnid’s webs.  If Airachnid couldn’t get what she wanted; she took what he had.”

Airachnid didn’t get what she wanted; this time. I hope she doesn’t find out about the Elbooks.

“Airachnid’s done this before, but this was harder on Optimus.” Ratchet adds.

My hands balled up; of course, I knew about her killing Tailgate—research man, research. I did this for The Car and The Android---and taunting Arcee with his death. I do not like Airachnid, not because she is a spider but because of what she has done.

“Airachnid told me she came to kill some Autobots.” I said, recalling our little conflict. She’s got some paint to peel off.  “And I kicked her rear!”

“So Airachnid broke it?” Ratchet asks.

“No, one of her little minions did that.” I said.

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