Living in Transformers Prime

I’m a TransFan who was taken into Transformers Prime, no thanks to Soundwave. I became a Cyber-Organic; the Transformers Prime Version of Techno-Organics. I also cannot die. I’m living in Transformers Prime, in the middle of season 1. Enough said.
In Transformers Prime: Book 2.


13. Airachnid won't give up part 1


 A few days ago, being grounded was over. So who did I decide to mess with next? It starts with an O and ends with a S.  I decided to mess with Optimus. Plus I do ship Transformers Animated Megatron and Transformers Animated Bumblebee. Yes, go me, I ship two figures who are shipped by most transfans.I really love the Tyrant and The Bee story that’s no longer on the internet. How do I remember it? It was so slagging good!

“Optiiimyuuss.” I call.

“Yes?” Optimus said.

“Transfans ship you and megsytrawn in my world!” I wave my arms.

“People ship what?” Optimus said, sounding really confused.

“You and Megsy!”  I cheer, grabbing a random ball. “As a couple! It’s been going on for years. Probably ever since Generation 1 has ever been made.” I babble.  “And there are lots of fantastic fan art in my universe that exists.They aren’t couple oriented all the time. They just present the epic side of gigantic robots!”

“As a couple?” Optimus asks.

“Yes sir!” I said.  “As a couple!”

“Are you sure?” Optimus asks.

And when I wasn’t around the Autobots; I was busy doing something else.  Well that was like half of the time. What did I do to occupy myself? I painted my apartment an assortment of colors.I also blocked Joyce’s number thanks to the IDS’s help. The IDS can be turned into an alarm clock too. I don’t annoy the Autobots all the time.

Another time Miko and Jack dared me to do a random request on Optimus.

“Optimus!” I wave my arms, once we were alone. “Get some pimpin’ hot purple flames down your side for the femme’s!”

“Femme’s?” Optimus repeats.

“Yes!” I cheer. “And they would like to see how well you look good in purple. I chatted with one at the forest. They are coming to the base,leader guy!”

I heard Optimus walk away. Then as soon as he was out of earshot, Miko’s quick speeded footsteps came my way. The sounds from her shoes are very tattle-taling.Miko usually tries to sound like she isn’t there but that doesn’t work.This girl is not a lizard who can blend into the surroundings, nor is she a deer.

“Woah!” Miko said. “You are good at selling a lie.”

“Are you an actor?” Jack asks

“Hah, no.” I shook my right hand. “Miko; you told me there were femme’s coming.”

“I did?” Miko said.

“Yep.” I said.

In a way; I’ve been practicing lying through writing. And ever since I’ve gotten into the base there’s been a lot of lying coming from me. I didn’t know lying was this addicting until using it for an entire week. Yesterday Ratchet threw his wrench at a loose cylinder hanging above the med bay’s door but the wrench hit Optimus instead. Oh yeah Optimus did fall on the floor after being hit at the helmet.

I may have been the reason why there was a loose cylinder. All I wanted to hear was how a cylinder sounded when it was struck by a wrench and landed on the floor. It’s the curious mind of Ivy Pond. Ivy Pond, the girl who happens to make hilarious events occur. That’s my little story, and I’ve been getting bolder being a liar-aholic. It’s quite fun to lie around the base.

_____                                    _______                                      _______

  .  .  One week later  .  .   .

 “Sheesh, spider lady won’t give up.” I complain.

Arcee took a sharp stop nearly flipping me off her shoulder—it was only thanks to my hands strong grip on her motorcycle window plating that I was left dangling upside down. She had slid near to the edge  of a cliff; I could hear my voice echo so, that’s how I know.How did I end up in this situation? Perhaps the best should be left unexplained. It’s also too ridiculous to begin. But it started way back in Montana. I just didn’t know it at the time. It was like a Pro-Stalker game had begun.

I was being followed.

“Gee Airachnid, Megatron will rip you to pieces!” I holler, still with a strong grip to the motorcycle mirror.

“Never!” Airachnid yells, as the sound of her legs slap on the ground making a big metal sound.

Arcee picks me up with her servos.

“Ivy,” Arcee said, in a chiding voice. “Stop provoking the spider.”

“She’s a bad stalker!” I reason. “She’s so bad at it she gave me the slip-up with the racoon’s!—wee!”

Arcee had leaped down the cliff, and I could feel the rush of air beat my face—yes wind can do that—so much it felt like an extra fan. I was being given the best form of fanning through falling. I felt so cool.While on the other hand I didn’t really know what would happen next. However the solution I imagined was Arcee landing safely on the ground.

Is that how it went?

Let’s see.

“Falling is cool!” I proclaim.

“Falling is not good for your life.” Arcee comments.

Nice dubbie downer queen of the ‘I lost two partner’s bragging  club.

 I heard metal tumble on the ground.Arcee had apparently shielded me using both her servos around me.The IDS had indicated that ‘A metal cocoon has been made’ during the tumble. Something really pointy scratched my arm that it felt really cold and hard. I realized then it was metal. I somehow slide through Arcee’s digits and miraculously rolled away from Arcee until I hit a big boulder. Wow that hurt my back. Does nature make pointy rocks to hurt me?

Or does the universe just really obsessed with me getting hurt?

‘Large tumbling machine is headed this way.’ IDS said.

I get up then ran out of Arcee’s way while holding the IDS.

“Die, pest!” Airachnid screeches, as a large sound from a cliff side is knocked into doing what it does.

The sound of rocks tumbling is something you wouldn’t forget. Nor the first Superman movie with Christopher Reeve as the title character and Louis Lane get killed by pack of rocks. Did I just not make sense? Good, try to keep up. This ‘run!’ instinct took over so I ran as the sound of metal spider legs broke through the firm ground beside me. Oh, my heart’s pounding,  it’s pounding.

I backed away and my right foot came to a stop at a corner. The kind you would feel at a cave’s corner.

“I want your head.” Airachnid hisses, as she struck the rocky wall.

I lean against the wall—but wait there is NO wall.

“My head will be terrible decoration.” I said, attempting to keep some balance. Scrap, I thought, hold on!  “My hair is really thick.”

“Oh scrap.” I said, attempting to at least keep some balance.


“Hm?” Airachnid’s neck springs indicated she looks up. “Falling rocks?” C—C-CLANG- “Ah!”

‘Stampede of Rocks is falling. Gigantic blue machine is heading this way.’ The IDS said.

Hard, fast moving metal pushed me away from the sweet old ground that made me toss the IDS across from me. That’s a really stupid move, but at least it minimizes the chances it will get broken. Airachnid fell in first before I did, well the opening is that big because  the spider fell in with just a –squeeech sound.   And then I fell in after the spider.

“Ivy!” Arcee yells.

It sounded like ‘no’ compacted into my name.

“I can’t die; don’t worry!” I wave at her. “Wee! I’m faaalliinng.”

I enjoy the long dramatic fall like a careless comedian; with style!

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