Oblivion || hs


2. two

my alarm woke me up, with the sound of a duck going off. you might see it as "its weird for an 18 year old boy having a duck to wake him up". well it isn't, I named him Mr. Quackers.

I open the closest door and grab a pair of black skinny jeans and a white t-shirt.

"morning slept well?" my mother asks pouring juice in a cup of glass.

"yeah, I guess." I say picking an apple.

"good, last night your father didn't get any sleep, he kept on worrying about what might happen if he sleeps. just because he heard a noise outside," my mother chuckles.

"Well that's my dad for you," I roll my eyes.

My mother laughs quietly then we fall into a comfortable silence. After a few minutes I broke the silence by announcing that I had to leave to school, giving a quick goodbye kiss to my mother I made my way to school.

Once I arrived to school I went ahead and got what I needed from the main office.

And Yes I am new to this school but since I move alot and don't stay long in one place it doesn't really bother me anymore.

I stared at the papers in my hand and made my way to my locker.

Once I arrived at my locker I was soon face to face with the head cheerleader, Maddie.

"hey cutie," she said along with a wink," the names Maddie by the way."

The first thing that came to mind when I met her was "woah she definitely is trying to hard!!" I mean when you first meet her you'd think she'd be one of the main strippers at a club! She's wearing a miniskirt that may as well be a belt. and her shirt could barely cover up her upper body parts, that is certainly not attractive because it left no imagination to the men's eye.

"Um hey Maddie, how can I help you?"

She fluttered her eyes and said, "Oh you can certainly help me how about we go somewhere more private and we can talk more better," she said.

But by the way she said it, I knew she didn't want to just talk and wanted something more physical and I didn't want that.

"No thanks Maddie Im okay you can get someone else to go with you to that private place of yours, but it's nice meeting you. Hopefully I'd see you around later. " I knew that last sentence was a lie but I said it anyways. I waved at her and walked away and from the corner of my eye I saw her still at the same spot I left her, shocked.

I had denied her offer but I guess there just a first thing for everything.


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