Oblivion || hs


3. three

I take another quick look at my schedule, math is first.

I walk a little fast through this filled crowed of hallways.

Once im walking many students give me weird glares of course im the new kid yay- note the sarcasm.

Once I head into my math class, I notice in the classroom.

I notice blonde hair, maddie.

I honestly don't really like this girl, she's so daring.

I walk into the class and try to sit as far away from maddie.

The first seat.

Of course maddie comes and sits behind me.

the bell rings and the students head into class, and start to whisper as they see im new here.

"Class listen up," the teacher raises her voice.

she's wearing a very tight bun, bold red lipstick, and a very long skirt that's below just her knees.

She points her finger up to me, and moves it to come in her direction. I do just that.

"Class, this is harry styles, he is new so please be nice to him, run along now." I sit back down.

Maddie taps my shoulder, I turn to her.

"Yes?" I raise my brow.

"Can I blow you?" she smacks her lips while chewing gum.

"Excuse me?" I furrowed my eyebrows.

blow you?

Maddie rolls her eyes she seems annoyed now that I don't know her language blow you?

"You know suck your dick," she says applying red lipstick.

"No thank you maddie, please go tell someone else." I denny her offer.

she frowns, but yuck.

I turn back around to see the board filled with equations to solve, im new here and already uncomfortable. Because of maddie's presence behind me.


The bell rings and its time for lunch.

I head into the long lines filled with different kind of teens. their filled with all sort you name them, and their there.

once its my turn I grab a tray, add a nice small hamburger, fries, and water. I pay the lunch lady, and head out. im walking to find somewhere to sit. Honestly you should try to walk normal and not awkward as people stare at you up and down.

I sit and still eyes on me. A girl and a boy come towards me and sit. I look at them and look back at my food.

"Hi, im jane," jane takes out her hand, I shake it.

"and im Trevor," he smiles.

"Hi, im harry." I say simply.

"so your new here?" jane says picking her fries and dipping them, in ketchup.

"Basically," I smile.

"Have you met maddie?" trevor asks.

I give them a face sign that I have, with my eyes widen and nodding my head.

"Yeah, she knows everyone around here, most people don't like her." Jane bites her burger.

"I wonder why," I roll my eyes.

"Well because she offeres to suck every guys buddie," Trevor adds.

"has she asked you?" jane looks in my direction.

"yeah, she has. I denied her though." I state.

"Impressive most guys around here take her offer."

Well I didn't and hopefully nothing happens between me and her.

"yup." trevors says popping the 'p' at the end.

"so harry what brought you into this school?" jane asks.

"my parents," I sigh.

"what about your parents?" she asks intrested in the topic.

I cross my arms over the table.

"were always moving, its always the same I never get to stay long enough in the school to meet someone." I frown.

"and you hope for this chance to be different?" Trevor asks me.

"Yes," I look at him.

"and why is that?" Jane asks.

the bells rings and its time to go back to class.

"It was nice meeting you guys hopefully I see ya around," I smile at both of them and actually meaning the words this time.

"sure thing," they both say at the same time and laugh.


-valeria ♡ily

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