Oblivion || hs


1. one

inevitable [in-ev-tuh-buhl]


unable to be avoided, evaded, or escaped; certain; necessary: an inevitable conclusion.

sure to occur, happen; or come; unalterable: the inevitable end of human life is death.


that which is unavoidable.

or in my case afraid of being forgotten.

its something someone never desires, or in my case of course. the act of being forgotten, forgotten like as in life, person, death? why would you be forgotten. everyone has a brain of at least remembering a person in their life. i can be wrong, or i can be right.

its possible, anything is.

for-got-ten, three syllable word, with such a strong meaning. isn't it.

can it mean to forget someone name, or to forget where you left the keys, to cease or fail to remember; be unable to recall.

These powers of body and mind have in the past been strangely wasted, dispersed, or forgotten .

So when other legends are forgotten we'll remember back when things were rotten.

He paints a haunting portrait of a people blown to the winds by a forgotten

Practice too late and you've forgotten the material and have to relearn it.

so many meanings for forgotten, or inevitable. which meaning can be right?

so many of us are inevitable we don't want to be forgotten for a reason, what can possibly be that reason.

I've moved so many times now that I'm tired of it, 8 times. Why would I move so many times you may ask? Because of my parents, they either can't afford the house, or the environment, and lastly their work. why would they move into a house they can't afford? i don't know.

every time I move into a new school, meet rarely new people, my surroundings, everything I come in contact with I want them to remember I was there.

there shouldn't be an explanation of why they forgot, I may sound selfish but there's always reasons isn't there.

my parents their not mean people their nice honestly, they know I do well in school. They think I have many friends which I don't.

We just moved into a house, yeah this is the eight time.

"Harry!" My beloved mother shouts. "Get out of the truck and help us unpack you've been sitting there for half an hour now,"

"Ugh," I groan and step out the truck.

I take a moment and notice the house. It's made out of old wood, it has two windows one in the left the other in the right, and the door in the middle. It's basic.

Once I step in I notice my parents already placed most of the furniture in the living room. It's only one floor, which is great honestly. you can get tired of going up and down the stairs.

"Harry, grab some of your boxes and choose a room." My mother tells me pointing out the truck.

I nod.

I decide to grab the one that says "clothes & other stuff" and take it inside. I head all the way to the bottom of the hall and turn left, the last room in this basic house. I enter and place the box there and turn to get some more brown boxes.


"How do you like this new house," my father asks.

"It's basic," I mumble picking at my food.

"You'll get used to all this moving someday." My mother adds.

I wish it could be that easy.

"I guess, but why all this moving it really isn't necessary. I understand the working part, but why did last year we moved into a house we couldn't afford?" I ask looking at both my parents.

"You wouldn't understand, now finish your dinner because you have school tomorrow." My dad responds.

What don't I understand? I'm 18 and I understand plenty of things. I get up from the table and head to my far away room. It's so odd.

Once I'm in I grab some of my clothes and start hanging them. I flop in bed and start to think. I'm going to meet new people for the billionth time they all pick on me. I'm smart and everything but I don't wear glasses, nor braces. I don't understand. Am I that ugly?

if where going to move again I want this place to remember me, and I just know what.

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