Oblivion || hs


4. four

"Hi honey," my mother hugs me as I walk in the door, "how was school today?" like every normal parent should asks.

"it was okay I guess." giving her the simple truth.

"Meet any girls?" she winks at me and lifted her shoulder to the side.

yep mom I met a girl who wanted to suck my length. But I couldn't give her that answer.

"Sort of."

She chucles.

"Oh and harry, be back here at 6 that's when dinner will be ready." she smiles.

I nod and go to my room


There isn't any homework so that was good, I guess. I want to know this place a little better. For any hidden area's, you know like in the movies.

I head to my closet first. And move the clothes to the side to find any signs of doors, no luck here.

I step out of my room, and wonder why it is the only room in this hallway?

There's two windows in the side but that's it. As you walk more into the hallway you turn right,the hallway ends. After it ends you can see two doors in each side, and straight ahead the kitchen. Once you pass the kitchen then goes the living room. & thats about it.

"fifteen minutes left till dinner is ready." my mother warns me.

I smile and pass by her.

I go outside.

I notice my surroundings, tree's surrounded this basic house.

I walk in further and further.

New house, new surroundings, and a new life. It's honestly so boring, im sick of it. At first I kind of liked the idea of moving, but after awhile. it was a complete bore.

I open the wooden door, step by step as I take in my surroundings, nothing completely nothing. Am I seen as that? am I seen as nothing, but thin air?

"Harry!" My mother shouts interrupting my day-dream.

I run back to the house.

"Get inside, have you not noticed it was raining?" Raining?

Im soken wet, how did I not notice? I head into the bathroom and dry myself.

I notice my body, I have no tattoos. I do want to get some, but my mother would not like the idea. Its my body, and im 18. Im getting a tattoo, soon.

Yes, that's it. I fear oblivion, and if I want to not fear it, I should be remembered. I should be remembered with tattoos. I grab my dry clothes and put them on.

There's a knock in the door, "harry dear, please come, dinner is ready." my mother tells me.

"Im going." I shout through the door.

"Harry, this place is pretty awesome, have you seen it all?" my father asks.

"Yes, I only need the backyard to see." I eat a piece of my chiken.

"It's pretty big!" he smiles.

"enough, enough." my mother says, picking up my plate.

I head back to my room and close the door. My room. Its sort of empty. Just like I am. I laugh at the thought.

Can I make this change happen?

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