I have a poem for you: Little Alice Remmington lost her cat. She fell down the rabbit hole and went splat. Once awake, she found out for God's sake, that not all dreams were dreams, and all dreams were nightmares, indeed. Think back now, whatever happened to dear Alice? In the stories she only woke up, but what if, my darlings, she was never even asleep? Forget the Alice you once knew, for bruising one's soul can have quite the effect. Wake up now or else you're next. ~©BookloverAyame-chan~


1. Coming Soon to Movellas~


- C O M I N G  S O O N -


        Alice Remington was a very curious girl. Her only friend was a cat. One day, the cat vanished. And so did Alice's hope for getting out of St. Radcliff's Orphanage. Then strangely, the cat reappeared, but wouldn't get near Alice. A couple of day's later, Alice found the cat heading to the woods. She followed it - down the rabbit hole.

        Join Alice as she learns what true madness is as the veil of darkness closes in around her.   





    “Little Alice fell

       the hOle,
         bumped her head,
          and bruised her soul.”



Coming Soon to Movellas is a twisted, sadistic story about Little Alice in Wonderland...





...Oh, and whatever you do... don't wake up Alice.





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