I have a poem for you: Little Alice Remmington lost her cat. She fell down the rabbit hole and went splat. Once awake, she found out for God's sake, that not all dreams were dreams, and all dreams were nightmares, indeed. Think back now, whatever happened to dear Alice? In the stories she only woke up, but what if, my darlings, she was never even asleep? Forget the Alice you once knew, for bruising one's soul can have quite the effect. Wake up now or else you're next. ~©BookloverAyame-chan~


3. Alice, Alice, Alice



        "Alice," said a whisper. "Alice."

        Who's Alice? Is that my name? Couldn't be. Why, my name is... I don't know. I don't remember my name or who I am. Is that something I should remember? Shouldn't someone remember their own name? I think so, if only I could... remember... mine.

        It's dark. Is it supposed to be this dark? Why is it so dark here? Why is everything black and dark? Aren't I afraid of the darkness? And if I'm not, then shouldn't I be? Shouldn't someone who doesn't know who they are be afraid of the dark? I suppose so.

        "Al-less." said the whisper once more. Who's whispering to me? Why do they sound so scary, like a snake? "Al-lesssssss."

        Stop it! Stop saying that name! I'm not Alice! I'm not!


        I said stop it!


        Quite saying that! Don't say Alice again!

        "Al-less... wake up!"

        Wake up? I'm not asleep. Or am I? I-I don't remember. Why can't I remember? Is there something wrong with me? I don't know.


        I feel my eyes flutter open to harsh moonlight shining in through the window. "Alice," said a soft female voice. "Alice, are you alright?"

        I'm Alice. My name is Alice Remmington. I am nothing special; my name was given to me by the nun who found me. I am Alice Remmington and I am unwanted. I am an orphan at St. Radcliff's Orphanage. I am not special; I am not anything but a lonely girl.

        I sit up in my bed. "I'm fine." I tell my roommate Olivia who is sitting on the edge of my bed with a worried look on her face.

        "Was it the dream again?" she asks, her green eyes looming over me.

        I nod. "Isn't it always?" I push back a stray strand of my dark brown hair behind my ears. This sort of thing always happened. I had the same dream almost every night. The whispers, the confusion, it was the same thing time and time again. I've tried countless times to stop thinking about the whispers, the snake-like voice calling my name, but now I hear it almost everywhere. The whispers are no longer something I only dream of, it's like an obsession that's snuck its way into my slumber. I don't have any control over it any more, at least any more than I already did.

        "I'm so sorry," Olivia whispers. "I wish you dreamt of flowers and rainbows instead of nonsense."

        I pat the small girl on the head. "I know. It's all nonsense in here." I say pointing to my head.

        It was winter in the small town where we stayed in. England was almost always cold, so even if it were summer, the rain and wind would still find its way into the dark corners of St. Radcliff's. In the mornings we were to eat breakfast and then begin the early morning chores. As soon as the chores were done we would prepare lunch for the rest of the afternoon. Once the evening hit, everyone would entertain themselves by coming into my room for a story, I being the one who always told the stories, of course. And then, dinner would be ready and after that we'd all be off to bed.

        That was a typical day at St. Radcliff's. No fun. No laughter echoing the hallways. Nothing but boredom. Why, if I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense, at least then I'd get a laugh in. Unlike here at the orphanage, where dullness was the obsolete. I suppose that's how it should be. We unwanted children have no use for actual happiness, even the people who gave birth to us wanted nothing more than to commit their children to a world of loneliness.

        That's what happens when you're unwanted. No one wants you, so you live a life that you do not wish to have and can only escape in a world of dreamland. Dreamland was my escape, that is until the nightmares started about a year ago. But, now I hardly ever dream of anything but the whispers.


        I look up at Olivia. "Yes?"

        "Do you really think that your head will get chopped off?" she asks.

        My eyes widen. What did she just say? She's only ten, why is she speaking of things like this? "What are you talking about? I never said that."

        She shakes her small head. "Yes you did. When you were sleeping, you were talking just now in your sleep. I herd you. You woke me up," small tears swell in her eyes as she speaks. "I don't want to get my head chopped off, Alice."

        "No, no, I was talking nonsense. Nothing is going to happen to you, I promise," I whisper. "Nothing at all."

        Olivia pulls back the sheets on my bed and welcomes herself. I lay back down beside her and stroke her hair as I think about what she said. Did I really say that? I don't remember anything like that happening in my dream. All I remember is not remembering. 

        I guess it is truly all nonsense in my head, good thing it'll be getting chopped off then, I suppose.




A/N: Hope you like the first chapter! I know it's short, but I really wanted to go ahead and post it. Anyway, please give me come feedback on it! Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for even more nonsense in the next chapter! ;)


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