Is it greener on the other side?

(sequel) He has everything but me (PART2)


16. The baby

The day came! 
I woke up in the morning that I had a stomach ache. It was a horrid pain and I couldn't get rid of it. Harry rang the hospital and immediately we got to go in.
"Darling try to endure the pain!" 
I shouted. I sat in the car and I refused to let go off his wrist. I had so much pain that I didn't feel anything but pain. 
"Damn you fucking idiot!" I shouted. "Don't you understand that it hurts?" 
Harry smiled and he kept quiet. He nodded and he steered the car confidently towards our goal. 
"Don't forget to breathe?" 
I just wanted to kill him. 
"Who the hell cares?" 
"The baby in your belly?" 
I sighed. I closed my eyes and I felt how he increased his speed. 
"We're almost there, darling." 
I whimpered. I spread my legs and I could feel the baby wanted to push itself out. I realized that the baby was coming. Harry saw it, and he quickly caught up mobile. 
"She gives birth NOW!" he shouted into the phone. I heard he was talking to a person and I tried to collect myself. I felt the contractions became more and more. I could no longer control anything and I felt myself totally vanished away.


Harry pulled me out of the car and I landed at the edge of the road, with the car between me and the road, on my back. 
"Spread your legs!" he shouted. I nodded and I saw that he still had the handset to his ear. He still talked with the hospital. He tore off my panties. 
"I see something ... do you mean now? ... But how ????" 
I screamed and I felt the pain again increased. I could feel it pressed inside me and soon the baby came out. I realized that Harry would redeem the child. We didn't had time to go to the hospital and they didn't have time to come to us.


Total pain. Total discharge and I screamed. I heard the ambulance come, and I heard that they came to us, but I couldn't bother me. I shouted, and I writhed in pain. 
"She will give birth here!" 
"No, damn it!" I shouted. The doctor smiled reassuring to me. 
"The baby is almost here. Push one last time and press on."


Harry sat down next to me and he held my hand tightly. He looked frightened, but he tried to be strong. 
"Soon!" he murmured. "Soon it's done." 
I screamed at him, I yelled at the baby and I cried for that Niall had made me pregnant. I screamed at all. 
"Take it easy!" whispered Harry. "You're just going to have a baby and that's all."




She was beautiful. I was in the hospital, in a private room and I looked down at my daughter. She was so tiny and she looked like an angel. She slept in my arms and I felt with my whole body that I loved this little creature. 
"She's beautiful!" Harry whispered, and he kissed me lightly. "Congratulations Mom!" 
I smiled. 
"Congratulations Daddy!"
He giggled and I saw that he was as happy as I was. 
"She had a hurry to get out?" 
I laughed. 
"Yes, she wanted to see us?" 
He agreed and he kissed her lightly on the cheek. He let his hand slide over her head and I saw that he loved her. 
"I'm her father." he said, and he showed with the whole body that he meant every word. I just felt love for him and I felt the love for what we had. My life got a new meaning. It was about us, it was mainly about my daughter, and I would give her all the love I had. She wouldn't have to work as a sixteen year old girl and she would grow up with choices.

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