Is it greener on the other side?

(sequel) He has everything but me (PART2)


1. Prologue/Flashback

Book number one: "He has everything but me"

This is book number two... :)






I'm Maggie and I was a nanny for a wealthy family, Stanford. I was the one who took care of their wonderful daughter Tess. I took care of her as if she were my own daughter, as I soon learned that rich people don't care. I saw Mr. and Mrs. Stanford bought their daughter's love and it was as if Tess was just in the way. As if they didn't love her or as if she was just a possession.


Mr. Stanford had a cousin in Ireland and one day, they took his cousin's son Niall home to U.S. Niall Horan, the man who had everything and the man who was used to getting what he wanted. He sighted early in on me and he did everything to succeed to get me. He seduced me and he took me by storm. I really loved him and he took my heart. Just to get more time to our self, but to go behind the family's back, he did that the family (and he) paid for my education. I ended up at college and quickly he became my lodger. Although he didn't dare to tell about us to his parents, he was mine and I was content with it. In the end, called his dad him home to Ireland and he put an end to our love. "Either her or the money that you will inherit from me." Niall chose the money and he chose to go behind the back of his father, to meet me. His idea was that his father would die, and then Niall could finally be open about our love.


Niall chose to get a beard, a wimpy girl who would be his girlfriend. They became engaged and he was faithful to me. "I wont have sex with her." he said. "I have said that she will have to wait until we get married!" and I believed him. In the end, he still had to get married and I put a stop directly for our secret relationship. I loved him, but I didn't want to be the mistress all of my and his life. I wanted more and he couldn't give me more.


Instead, I focused on the job and my boss (at a bank) was pleased with me. I ended up underneath him and I worked for my salary. He let me see his son Harry, a wonderful guy who was anything but Niall. Harry was more free and he was himself. The family loved me and all approved me. It was like coming home and I really wanted to marry him. Harry proposed at my work, in front of all customers and in front of all employees. I couldn't be happier.


I stepped into the church and I was heading for the altar, then turned Nialls face up. He came back into my life and during the party, he declared his love for me. I couldn't just leave Harry and actually, I had made ​​my choice. Niall didn't give up and in the end he was standing outside my door, when Harry was away for his job. Niall refused to leave me if I didn't told him I loved him and he wanted me to go with him. As a bonus had Nialls father died and he had been divorced from his wife.


In the end I made ​​the choice! 
I wrote a long letter to Harry and I tried to explain why I left him. I put the rings on the letter and I followed Niall.





Read book one in order to understand better.

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