Is it greener on the other side?

(sequel) He has everything but me (PART2)


8. Our night

Niall had guilt. I felt how he crawled next to me and I felt how he almost ate me up with his lips. 
"Stop sucking up!" I said cool. "You told the truth and we can't live in a lie?" 
Niall groaned. 
"But I want and I will always want you by my side." 
I spun around and I looked at him. 
He smiled. 
I interrupted him. 
"Because you liked the idea when your father was alive. You didn't do as he wanted and you chose a completely different girl. Now that he's gone, you don't know what you're fighting for anymore?"
Niall sighed and I felt his hand found its way up my stomach. 
"Darling, you're so boring." 
I agreed. 
"I'm just telling the truth." 
He sneezed. 
"The truth?" 
I nodded. 
"Why did you choose me? Tell me what you felt when I wasn't there and what you felt before I was in church with Harry?" 
He sighed. 
"I don't know!" 
I didn't give up. 
"You wanted me just because you knew you weren't going to get me? That whole part of our life contained only ban and now you're tired about that no one saying no to you. You want to have resistance."
Niall let his hand instead landing between my legs and he knew what he would do to get me to spread on my legs. 
"I love you?" he said a little anxiously. I felt his hand slid inside my panties and he rubbed me in the right way. He caressed me in the same way as he had once caressed me. 
"Stop it, Niall!" 
He didn't stop. 
"No, I never give up!" 
I moaned lightly and I felt how he got my clitoris become hard. 
"But you just want to..." 
Niall kissed me to shut my words out. He hadn't done that in a long time. Before he kissed me to just me be silent, now a days, there wasn't kisses. Yet he succeeded and I whimpered against his lips. Niall let two fingers penetrating and direct, I closed my eyes. I recognized the man next to me and when he stripped me naked, I was there just for him. He penetrated, but not like he used to do. He did it with feeling and I felt how he took over my whole existence.


Niall slammed right into me. I heard how wet I was and every time he slid in me, it splashed out of me. I ended up in the sky and I felt how he moved his body. He moaned and he kissed me with love. It was as if he remembered what it had once been. I came and my whole body shook. He came and throughout he filled me with cum.


"Maggie?" he whispered in my ear. "I love you." 
I believed him, I hoped he was not lying. 
"I love you!" 
He sighed, and he raised his head. He looked straight into my eyes. 
"You don't hear what I'm telling you?" 
I frowned. 
"Well, I do?" 
He shook his head and smiled a little bit. 
"No, because you wont hear that I mean every word." he whispered. "I love you and you are the only one I want to be with. I don't care what you feel, because I have you." 
I hesitated. Did he know me? I was assigned. I belonged to Harry and I was afraid to lose him, but at the same time I wanted to be with Niall. I felt like a traitor, as an unfaithful girl, which I was.
"Niall, I..." 
He kissed me. 
"No you wont say another word. Enough with me talking and I want you to trust me, believe in me and you to want me." 
Did I wanted to have him? I just stared into his eyes. I felt small and I wasn't sure of anything. 
He laughed. 
"No, you should be quiet, sweetheart." 
I smiled. 

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