Is it greener on the other side?

(sequel) He has everything but me (PART2)


13. Get married

Harry arranged with everything. I bought a new dress, which anyway was new and looked unremarkable. He chose a pair of jeans, a jacket and a shirt that was unbuttoned. Harry had always enjoyed his style and I loved him for that. He called in some distant friends and his sister. He got hold of a priest, and to my great surprise, he took out our old rings. 
"We continue where we left off." he said with love in his voice. He too my old engagement ring on my finger but the second ring he put in his pocket. Then he kissed me. 
"The bride should have something old, you have an old ring." 
I understood that he meant it as something good and I blushed slightly. 
"And you want this?" 
He nodded. 
"Yes, more than anything else!"


We had half an hour on us and the priest performed it all quickly, but we didn't care. It wasn't about that, he said a lot of words, it was about that we got each other. Harry smiled at me and he kissed me with all his heart. Hes sister just smiled at us and when we came out of the church, she hugged me tightly. 
"He has always loved you and you have always been the only one for him."




"It went fast?" 
Harry squeezed my hand and the car drove out of the church. I smiled at him and I nodded.
"But we've already done it once before?" 
He agreed with a laugh. 
"And now we did it again?" 
I nodded. 
"I'm Mrs. Styles." 
He giggled. 
"And I'm ..." he looked at me. "Your husband?" 
I nodded and I felt the luck just ran through every part of my body. This time I wouldn't leave him, and now I knew that Harry was the only one. It wasn't greener on the other side and Niall was none other than a normal man.


"You know why I love you?" 
I was startled and I looked at him curiously. 
He smiled big. 
"When I saw you the first time you weren't that girl that hung over me. You kept you on your edge, yet you were so enticing. When I left you, I couldn't stop thinking about you. The second time we met wanted I just wanted to throw myself over you, you were so perfect."
I blushed. 
"You mean it?" 
He nodded. 
"I just wanted to do everything with you at the same time."
I looked at him with love. 
"I was so insecure and I have made many mistakes. My biggest mistake was that I thought Niall was the man who had everything." 
Harry smiled at me. 
"But he's none other than Niall Horan?" 
I agreed. 
"He gave me no more than almost a name. He didn't want to get married and he had lots of mistresses."







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