Is it greener on the other side?

(sequel) He has everything but me (PART2)


19. finally

Harry woke me up early one morning. I had slept poorly that night and I could feel my whole body ached. He sat on the edge of the bed and he pulled his hands through my hair. 
"Today begins the trial. Cops said you might not have to testify and the lawyers are well aware that you are weak." 
I swallowed. 
"Will you be there?" 
"And hear what they say about me?" 
Harry shook his head. 
"No, darling, I'll be where I belong, with you."


In the afternoon, Harry came to the hospital with Lilly. She hadn't changed much, and when she was in my arms, I felt more harmonious than ever. Slowly I realized that I couldn't let Niall depress me. He's not the boss over me, consciously or unconsciously. I looked up at Harry and I swallowed. 
"Sorry!" I whispered. "Sorry I don't..." 
Harry kissed me quickly. 
"None of what happened was your fault and we have to put it behind us?" 
I agreed. I looked down at Lilly. She tried to be breastfeeding and direct Harry giggled a little bit. 
"She's hungry?" 
I smiled and I looked long at him. 
"We will do this?" 
Harry nodded and he kissed me lightly on the forehead. I felt how he did everything to show how much he cared about me. 
"We have already done so much, darling." 
I agreed. Harry let his hand slide down over Lilly's head and he caressed her tenderly. 
"And I have the two best girls in the world with me." 
I smiled and I blushed. 
"And we have the best man in our lives here."


A week past on! 


"Niall has got four years in prison!" 
I was almost overjoyed. I threw myself in Sam's arms and he laughed lightly. I smiled big and I let him off.
"So it's over?" 
He nodded. 
"And you will receive money in compensation. Half a million dollars." 
I frowned. 
"I don't want his money?" 
Direct Harry popped up to calm me down. 
"Darling, you can always put the money in an account to Lilly? After all, he's her dad?" 
Okay, goofy idea, but at the same time not, I agreed. Unconsciously, she got some of her true father's money and he had no idea about it. 
"Sounds like a good idea." 
Harry smiled. 
"I know!"


I never met Niall again after that day, when he raped me. I guess he realized how much he had hurt me, but I'm not sure he fully understands. He was my first love, but he was certainly not the man in my life. I had slowly learned to use my gut feeling. It's not greener on the other side and everything isn't better just because one chooses the man that you think is perfect. Harry was always there for me and he would stay. He was Lilly's father and he was the only father she knew. It was a relief that Lilly didn't reminded about Niall. She had got his eye color, but otherwise it was just me in her looks. She was her mother's girl and Harry's daughter.




-------------------the end-------------------------



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