Catherine lives a well normal kind of hidden life. Shes been seperated from her family ever since she was 11. Now she is going to go back to live with her family but the question is can her friends fans handle the new girl?


7. 7


Catherine's POV:


"Come on lets go." Niall said pulling me out of the limo.

"I'm coming I'm coming" I laugh and he does too.

"So what do you want to do first?" I ask him.

"Well I would like to get a drink but you however can not have one." he says.

"What? Why not?" I ask.

"I'm under Liam's strict orders and one of those being not letting you drink." he says.

"Of course. Liam always has to open his big mouth." I scoff.

"Hey at least he's letting us be together, well for one night, but at least we get to be together." he says.

"Aww... now come lets go to the bar." I huffed.

"Someones in a hurry" Niall laughed and followed after me.


           Well if Niall wouldn't get me a drink I'm sure someone here would buy me one and you can't turn down a free drink.


        Niall got his drink and I got about 3 sent to me but Niall drank them all and he was starting to get a little tipsy which was quite funny. Just then one of my favorite songs came on, Love Runs Out by OneRepublic. I jumped up from my seat at the bar.


"Niall can we pleaseeee go dance?" I begged.

"Yeah let's go!" he said with a goofy grin on his face.


          Man if he gets on more drink in him I'm going to have to be the babysitter not him. Maybe if he's drunk then I can drink, Liam doesn't control me.


"Having fun?" Niall leaned down and asked me while we danced.

"Yes. What about you?" I smiled.

"I'm having a good time knowing that your here beside me." He said with a sweet smile and the next thing I know our faces are only about 2 inches apart.


"Hey have you guys seen Scarlet and Liam anywhere lately?" Harry came up and asked.




Every time I try to have a romantic moment with the boy it gets interrupted. Like what the hell? Niall and I jump back from each other, him very quickly sobering up.


"What? Uhh.. no haven't seen her." Niall said.

"Dear lord don't try to act like you two weren't doing anything. I saw you two about to kiss, don't worry I won't tell Liam, but seriously have you seen Scarlet?" Harry said.

"Nope sorry Har-" I started.

"Hey you guys!" Scarlet said as if on cue.

"Scarlet there you are! Wait where's Liam? He was supposed to watch you! Are you drunk? What are you doing?" Harry asked.

"Whoa now one question at a time!" Scarlet laughed and stumbled, oh yeah she's defiantly drunk.

"Liam is at the bar. He is watching me but I really have to pee and I didn't want Liam to go with me so I came to see if Catherine would come with me and I'm only a little tipsy not completely drunk... yet." She said okay maybe she's not as drunk as I thought she was.

"Yeah I'll go with you. I mean how much trouble can we get into by going to the bathroom? And besides I haven't had one drink all night." I said.

"But, I-" Niall started.

"Niall I'll be fine. It's just the bathroom we'll be back in like 10 minutes. I promise." I told him.

"What the hell do you do in there that takes 10 minutes?" Harry laughed.

"Hey I have to deal with an intoxicated person, whom also happens to be your sister thank you very much." I say matter of factly.

"Catherine I don't know..." Niall said scratching the back of his head.

"It's just the bathroom Niall, we'll be fine." I say and give his hand a small squeeze.

"Come on Scarlet let's go." I say to her as she was in the potty dance stage.

"Thank the lord!" she said and started walking with me to the bathrooms. 


       Once we got to the bathroom and Scarlet did what ever she had to a couple more girls came in talking.


"I mean can you believe that those two sluts came with my boys?!" one girl said.

"I mean in all fairness the one is his sister" another sister.


They weren't talking about us were they?


Scarlet and I glanced at each other as the four girl had clearly not seen us at the sinks yet. "So she was hanging all over Liam! And who the hell was that blonde skank who was with Niall?" another one said.


Yep defiantly us.


"Well.. Look whose in here girls its the two sluts." the first one said.

"Excuse me?" Scarlet said.

"Well looks like the little sister has an attitude." the fourth one said.

"Well I wonder why? Oh yeah maybe because some dumb groupies just called us sluts." I said to the girls.

"Well you clearly look the part." the third girl said.

"Really have you seen yourself? All of your boobs are pushed up so high I'm not even sure how you can talk shit without suffocating." Scarlet said.

"Well at least we have boobs" the second one said.

"I'm sorry how did you get them again? Was it surgery? Or was it silicone implants?" I asked. 

"Well aren't you funny." the third one said stepping towards me.

"Thanks! I do get that a lot" I said with a smile.

"That's it bitch!" the girl draws back and my face is hit with an impact of her fist coming into contact right below my eye.

"What the hell?!" I said holding my face right below my eye.

"That's what you get for being a slut!" she spat.

I heard another hit then a cry escape scarlet's lips. "And that's what you get for being a skank!" the first girl said after she kicked Scarlet in the stomach.


            Scarlet and I both staggered back up to are feet, Scarlet clutching her stomach and me holding onto my left cheek bone my vision starting to blur in my left eye.


"Aww look they want more" the second girl said.

"Just let us go." Scarlet breathed and we started walking towards the door.

"I don't think so." the girl that punched me said and pushed me to the ground.


       And another girl trips Scarlet making her stumble and fall. I through out my hand to catch myself before I fall... too late. I hear and feel a crack in my wrist and pain shoots through my arm as I cry out loud and my head hits the tile floor and all I hear is ringing in my ears.


"Catherine!" there's a quiet, barley noticeable sound.

"Catherine!" I hear it again a little louder and less muffled.

"Catherine! Catherine! Come on stay awake!" It comes clearer now and I realize that I'm being shaken and my eyes flick open and I gasp for air sounding as if I have been under water for the past 5 minutes and just had my first breath of oxygen.


       I see Scarlet sitting beside me propping up her upper body weight on her hands and I see that her ankle is swollen. There are also the four girls standing over us just watching then I get a kick to the stomach and scarlet gets a punch to the face making the rest of her body weight fall to the ground. I hear a slam and see the four girls turn around they rush out the door I see two girls get punched and one get kicked and the other one got out before anything happened to her. A girl rushed over to Scarlet and I's limp bodies on the ground. I could barley see her, my vision going blurry and black spots starting to appear.


"Are you two okay? What am I saying?! Of course your not okay!" The girl said quickly.

 "She's worse than me, I tink my ankle is broken but we need to get her out of here now!" I hear Scarlet say.

"I...I-I feel tired." the words fall quietly from my lips but loud enough for the two girls to hear them.

"No!!!!!" Scarlet screamed.

"Come on, no no no you have to stay with me okay?" The mystery girl said shaking my head slightly and gently trying not to cause me any damage but trying to keep me awake.

"Okay." I agree softly.

"Were going to have to carry her out of here" the girl said to Scarlet.

"Okay put her in the middle." Scarlet said and pushed herself off the ground and putting most of her weight on her left foot.

"ahhh" escapes her lips.

"You okay?" the girl asked.

"Yeah it's just my ankle." Scarlet said with a pained expression.

"Let's go." said the girl.


           The two pick me up both of them on each of my sides and my arms slung around their shoulders and we head out of the bathroom.


"Help! Help! Help!" Scarlet and the mystery girl yell over the music.


            The music goes silent. I hear tons of gasps throughout the crowd. Then my world goes black and once again my body hits the cold floor.


















     Hey everyone! Hope you enjoyed the update! What did you think about the mystery girl?! And what about the girls that beat up Catherine and Scarlet?!?!?! Now I have a few tricks up my sleeve and I think we need to give those four evil girls some names! So comment what you think they should be below!!! Also don't forget to comment, follow, like, and favorite!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!









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