Catherine lives a well normal kind of hidden life. Shes been seperated from her family ever since she was 11. Now she is going to go back to live with her family but the question is can her friends fans handle the new girl?


4. 4

Still wondering if my fantasy of last night was real or was it in fact just a fantasy, I open my bedroom door to find the wondrous aroma of eggs and bacon filling my nose. It must be my mum making a delicious breakfast for all of us, you know she really does way more than needed like really we would all be fine with a bowl of cereal but my mother would always insist of making my siblings and I a home cooked breakfast at least 3 times a week. When we would ask her why she always cooks us breakfast which would be unnecessary she would always reply with 'Breakfast is the most important meal of the day my dears! A good breakfast leads to a good day!' I let my nose lead me down the stair way and down to the kitchen. No surprise that my mother was in there cooking, but I was a little surprised when I saw Niall turn around wearing a 'kiss the cook' apron.


 "Good morning darling how are you? Did you sleep well?" my mum asked me.

"I'm good! And yes I did sleep very well." I told her while glancing over at Niall who was flipping over some pancakes and I saw that he had a small smirk on his face.My mum left the kitchen to go see how many of the others were still sleeping.


"Good morning Catherine." Niall said turning around to face me and his small smirk had turned into a full smile.

"Good morning Niall." I said back to him.

"You know this apron has some really good advice on it! Maybe you should follow it" he said with a smile referring to the kiss the cook part causing me to blush just slightly.

"Now why should I do that Mr. Horan?" I asked with a smile.

"Well, because-" Niall started to say.

"Good morning my beautiful cousin!" Liam said as he reached the last few steps of the stairwell interrupting Niall in mid sentence.


Damn. Every time.


"Good Morning Liam!" I said giving him a hug.

"Morning Niall!" said Liam.

"Morning Liam!" said Niall back to him.

"So by any chance do either of you know how Scarlet got into my room last night?" Liam asked us, he already knows that it was us so why even try to fight him?

"Well you see we were watching the movie and when it ended you and Scarlet had fallen asleep and we didn't want to leave you two downstairs so we carried you two up to yours and Niall's room and we put Scarlet in there too because neither of us were tired and we didn't want to wake you guys up so we stayed in my room." I told him.

"Oh I see... Niall can I talk to you for a moment please?" Liam asked.




"Uhm yea Catherine? Can you flip the pancakes for me please?" Niall asked.

"Uh yea sure." I said as him and Liam left the room.


This is not going to end well.

Niall's POV:


"Oh I see...... Niall can I talk to you for a moment please?" Liam asked me.




"Uhm yea Catherine? Can you flip the pancakes for me please?" I asked her before I walked out of the room.

"Dude!" Liam said as he hit me in the arm.

"What?" I asked.

"Catherine? Really? Of all the girls Catherine?" he said a little frustrated. 

"We didn't do anything Liam I swear. We just watched some youtube videos and that was it was just one night!" I said even though it wasn't just one night it was a very special night, Catherine was beautiful, smart, funny, and loving, and everything any guy could ever want and I think I may be falling for her and Liam, he just knows me too well, he can probably tell that I'm starting to like her and in more than just Liam's little cousin kind of way. I don't know what his deal is! It's just his cousin! It's not like he's her older brother!


"I know you Niall! That one night meant a lot to you! You're starting to fall for her and,... and you just cant do that!" he said and I was right he knows me very well.

"She's just your cousin! I'm sorry that I have a crush on you cousin." I said.

"Catherine is more than just a cousin okay!" Liam said.

"What?" I asked confused.

"I- I cant go into detail but she is more than just a cousin okay?" he said and went back into the kitchen.


What the hell just happened?

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