Catherine lives a well normal kind of hidden life. Shes been seperated from her family ever since she was 11. Now she is going to go back to live with her family but the question is can her friends fans handle the new girl?


1. 1

"Catherine! Come on! Time to go! Don't want you to miss you flight!" My Aunt Lynn called me from downstairs.

"Coming!" I replied back while bringing down the remainder of my things that were coming with me.

"Aww, I'm going to miss you so much!" She tells me.

"It's okay I'll be back in three weeks and I'm just staying with mum and dad! I'll be fine!" I laugh.

"I know! I know! But you better call me when you get there missy!" She tells me

"I promise I will! no can we get going so I really won't miss my flight?" I ask her

"Okay,... I guess so..." She says with a huff causing me to laugh. And we get in the car to head to the airport.

You're probably wondering why I live with my Aunt and why I'm going to visit my parents right? Well that's a long long story that I don't have time to tell. So here is the basic stuff that you need to know right now: My name is Catherine, Catherine Quinn Lane to be exact. I live with my Aunt Lynn who is my mother's sister. I live with her because of family reasons which as I said before is too much to go into right now. I am British, but my Aunt lives in America therefore I live in America but the rest of my family lives in England. And I'm going back to England to visit my parents. Confusing right? Yea it is. I've lived with my Aunt ever since I was 11 and now I'm 17 so about 6 years. I just graduated High School so this is one of my graduation presents. I've visit my parents about twice a year but the most I usually stay is about 3 days then I have to come back to America but this time I get to stay for 3 whole weeks, which for me is quite exciting. Well I better go say by to my Aunt, I'll talk to you later when I'm on the plane!


The flights to go home are always long but this one seems as if it is never ending. I still have about 4 or 5 hours before I get home so I might as well sleep.

"Excuse me, ma'am." the flight attendent says while waking me up.

"Oh sorry." I say and rub my eyes that are still full of sleep.

"We are landing in 15 mintues" she tells me.

"Okay, Thank you." I say to her and she nods her head and walks away.


I've gotten off the plane and all of my stuff and I've called my aunt. Now to figure out how to get home. I see a sign that catches my eye that says: Lane. Must be for me, wow thats classy...haha.

The man pulled up to my house. It was sort of small, but it suites us. As soon as I got out of the car our golden lab, Brit, came running towards me.

"Hey girl! Wow you've gotten so big!" I say while I bend down to pet her. It's beed a year since I've seen her. I know that she is just a dog but We've had her for 4 years and I rarely get to see her. Then I hear the font door open...

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