Things you might not know about celebrities

Find out things you might not know about your favorite celebrities!


2. Daniel Radcliffe

 1.  Daniel Radcliffe has 2 dogs.

 2. Daniel has been in: Harry Potter, What if,  and I probably have forgotten some, so please comment if you have a fact.

 3.  Daniel Radcliffe is dating a girl, but not married

4.  Daniel Radcliffe never dated Bonnie Wright, he says when he had to kiss her, it was awkward, because he knew her sense she was 10.

5. Daniel claims Emma Watson and Rupert Grint as siblings, sense they are all very close.

6. Daniel has never watched the Harry potter movies.

7. When Daniel found out he got the role of Harry Potter, he was taking a bath.

8. Daniel tries to avoid seeing things about him.

9. Daniel put his hand print in front of a Chinese theatre.

10. Daniel Radcliffe is Harry Potter.


 If you have any more facts, or Questions comment.

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