Minion the freak out

James Westlake is just an ordinary kid in an ordinary town. The only thing weird is his house.Voices are calling him.But who does it belong to.


3. the quarrel👫

"James you are such a nutter.There is no way there is a ghost in your house."she exclaimed

"Well how do you explain the noise i heard."i said

"You heard the wind."She replied

"No i did not"

"How come you can never admit your wrong?"she asked with anger

"Because I'm always right.

"Really because you only got 5 out of 15 in the maths test."

"How dare you!"

"And i bet Marcus was in the attic playing a prank."

" i will show you that you are wrong "

And with that I stormed out slamming the door behind me making the house wobble.

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