Adopted by Niall Horan


1. 1

Daisy's POV



Hi,my name is Daisy, I have blonde hair and blue eyes and I have lived in St Arnolds Orphan edge, since I was a month old. My mom didn't know who my dad was and she couldnt suppourt me and her so she put me on the doorstep of St. Arnolalds Orphan edge, and ever since I have been here my whole life and I am 18 now.




*Knock Knock*


I walked over to the door and opened it.


"Daisy! Get ready there is a band coming to adopt an 18 year old girl! Once your ready come down to the front hall!"Screached the shrill voice of madam Preach.


"Yes ma'am." I replied

I put on my uniform witch was a white skirt a grey shirt and black shirts.I then hurried down stairs to the entrance and saw the band witch had only 5 boys 4 had dark hair and 1 was blonde like me.Madam Preach was standing right behind them probably saying something like 'Don't adopt the blonde one at the end' or something. Slowly they began to approach me as I held my breath.My one chance of getting adopted, probaby not happing. Finnaly they came to me and the blonde one said I want this one.


'No, no dont this one she is an imp, a rascal if you like, you musn't adopt her she will do nothing but make your life missarble.''

''I dont care I want this one.''


Then finnaly the brunnete with curly hair said:

''If he wants this one he can have her!"

"Fine have her sighn here here here and here.''

The blonde sighned here as Madam Preach excused us.

''Pack your bags miss.'' She said through gritted teeth

Yes ma'am." I said with a shaky voice

I slowly walked up to my room trying to process the thought, ' I'm getting adopted' All I had was a guitar and old wilted flower crown. I had an old ripped pink and blue spotted baby blanket. So I packed those.


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