This story switches off perspectives every chapter or so. Charlie, 17, a jock who had it all. But is seriously depressed and wants out of his small town.

Freya, 17, the new neighbor who lives across from charlie is a badass and redefines the girl next door character.

Charlie starts receiving creepy emails and threats. Can he trust anyone? Is it to late to let someone in? Read and find out where this goes. Expect a huge plot twist!! Comment and like for updates!!


1. Charlie

Theres so much fucking rain. Sky so grey and dull. Depression sits over this town like you wouldn't believe. From the blinking open signs on the only bar we have, to the soundless nights. This town is dead. So is everyone in it. Everyone walks around fake smiles like they're happy about throwing their millionth barbecue for uncle rick. Maybe its just me, but I feel this way. Dead. Lifeless. The feeling of wanting something more from life. But to chicken shit to do anything about it.

Its 3:23 A.M and my computer screen is blinking with "ONE NEW MESSAGE". I picked my self out of bed and dragged myself over to the desk. The message reads, "Hey baby."

Shit another porn website got my email. I swear you use those things one time and old cougars name Barbara never leave you alone. I replied, "Who is this? Cause I am certainly not anyones baby." I waited about 4 seconds and got another response. "Not yet, whether you choose it or not. Ill have you one day, Charlie."

What the fuck, this must be someone from my school who wants to fuck with me. I don't bother replying again. Im already super creeped out. Fuck it. Sleep sounds like a good option.


I awoke from my sleep in an instant. I heard yelling from in the street. I wobbled over to my window still groggy from sleep. Oh shit, its the new neighbors moving in. I checked my alarm clock, 6:30 am. I saw to older men looking carrying boxes and a girl who looks about my age. Long black and red hair. She has straight across bangs and from what I can tell she likes the color black. From her leather jacket to her tight fighting skinny jeans. Black is the only color insight. Except for the fiery red tips of her hair. Her head is facing my direction and she doesn't move in a while. Can she see me?

"Enjoying the view perv?" She yelled up to my window. I guess she can. I dashed over to my bed and pretended like I wasn't drooling at my new neighbor. I could hear her laughing as she walked into her house. She slammed the door, and I drifted into sleep.

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