Frozen 2

Elsa (queen of Andrelle) wants to find her true love, but a cunning emperor know as Agnar wants to take over the kingdom and sends his son into the palace as a spy. But his son (Onni) soon finds something that he wants to protect from his father, but could it be too late and will Elsa find her true love?
The sequel to Frozen, a magical and heart warming story full of love and adventure.


8. Ways To Have Fun

Chapter 6

Kristoff took a seat on Sven, "Okay we're going to have some time trials on who can pull the sledge down the mountain the fastest!"

"But it's the middle of summer?" questioned Onni.

"I know so that's why we are going to the snow room,"

"Wow your palace must be the only one with a snow room. I'm guessing Elsa made it,"

"Yeah, she did. I love going there me and Sven have snow ball fights there all the time! I bet you'll love it too!” So they went off to the snow room. Kristoff started off and prepared himself for the ride of his life. "You ready buddy!" Sven snorted in reply and Kristoff translated it to, "Yes I'm ready to go!"

"Okay guys let's get this competition started!" Said Onni who was holding the stopwatch, “Ready, set.... Go!" Sven ran as fast as his hooves could carry him and Kristoff kept encouraging him to go faster. As they were running, Kristoff shouted" This how you win a competition!" He steered Sven towards the ledge, thinking that this would make his time faster. Sven galloped towards the ledge and took a giant leap off the ledge into the unknown. Onni couldn't see them because of the cloud of snow that had appeared after Sven jumped, but he knew they were in the air because Kristoff was shouting " Wahoo! We are flying!" They started to head towards the ground and Sven was getting his landing gear ready. "Wait, Sven! There are ice lakes there!" But it was too late and Sven fell over flat on his belly and spun round and round and round, until they fell into a snow pile and finally crossed the finish line. "Well, it took you a little longer than you thought," Onni burst out laughing when he saw Kristoff's face. "What! It's not funny!" Kristoff defended. He turned to look at Sven and he was also laughing, in a special reindeer kind of way." Okay, well if you're both going to laugh at me, let’s see how you two do,"

"Okay, come on Sven we have to beat 7 minutes and 30 seconds... I've never ridden a reindeer before, so can we try and take our time?" Sven just looked up at him for a moment, and then lowered himself so Onni could get onto his back. "Whoa, steady Sven. This is my first time riding a reindeer remember," Sven skipped towards the starting line. "Right, you two ready to ride?" Kristoff asked.



"Arghhhh! Sven! Sven!" The reindeer didn't really listen, so Onni just held on as tight as he could to reindeer reins. They were heading towards the finish line and there were two routes to take; the slippery ice puddle way (that Kristoff took) or the causal route (where you would be a bit slower). Sven was looking at both slopes and ran straight for the one Kristoff took. "Noooo!" Screamed Onni

"Go Onni!" Shouted Kristoff, "Liking the smile Sven!" Sven looked down at his best friend, in mid-air, and gave a loud snort. Then they landed in the ice puddle and.... Sven didn't fall over he landed on his four hooves and skated across to the finish line. "Wow! Good job Sven, how come you didn't do that on my turn?"

"Ummm.. Well I got to practice," translated Kristoff.

"Yeah, yeah. Here is your carrot," Sven ate the carrot in a couple of gulps and let out a huge burp. "Whoa, buddy! Anyway I think we definitely know who the winner is,” He looked over at Onni and saw him hugging Sven tight "Are you... alright? I know Sven has soft fur but if you really wanted to cuddle him that much you could ask him first," Onni got off Sven as quickly as possible "Sorry, Sven... And if you were thinking that I was scared I most definitely wasn't!"

"Okay, so why were you pulling that worried faces, and why were you clinging onto Sven so tight? Look at your hands!"

Onni looked down at them they were covered in Sven's fur and they were shaking like mad. "Alright, so maybe I was a bit scared,"

"A bit scared?"

"Ummm anyway...Can we go somewhere warmer?"

"Yeah sure, scardey cat. Do you want to have a water fight at the pool?"

"They got changed into their swimming gear and ran straight for the pool. "Let's do this! You’re going down!"Kristoff shouted.

"We will see about that!" They jumped straight in and the match started. Kristoff kept splashing Onni right in the face, so Onni decided to dive underneath Kristoff and push him over to give him a giant surprise. "Hey Onni, where are you?" Bubbles rose from the water and....."Here I am!" Onni pushed Kristoff over and he fell deep down into the water, then suddenly Sven jumped in creating a huge splash and Onni fell deep into the water too. When the water had calmed Kristoff and Onni came out of the water gasping for breath. "I think...we can...definitely say...that the winner," gasped Kristoff.

So they decided to finish the match there and sit down for a rest. "Well that was fun, we should do that again!" Kristoff exclaimed.


"Okay, well maybe we will do a different game next time,"

"Yes, please!" Onni sighed. Then Anna came to meet them with some drinks. "Well, what have you three been up to?"

"Umm, not much. Just chilling out as usual," said Kristoff with a smile on his face." I don't believe you," replied Anna who giggled when she saw Onni's face. "Hey, no need to look so nervous Onni. Kristoff what have you told him about me?"

"Nothing that is going to make him nervous," Kristoff stood next to Anna and gave her a cuddle, "Do you want to go on a sleigh ride?"

"Sure!" Anna gave Kristoff a quick kiss and they held each other's hands and walked towards the sleigh. "Sven! Come on let’s get you all ready, so you can pull us along," Sven skipped happily to the sleigh, while Anna waited patiently for Kristoff to come on board. "Hey Onni, do you want to come along?"

"Well, how can you go somewhere in a sledge, when it's in the middle of summer?"

"My sister, Elsa, created some ice paths around the palace. Do you want to join us?"

"No, don't worry about me I'll be find without having a ride. You two go off and have fun," Sven gave a little snort just to say "I'm here too,"

"Well, you three,"

"Okay if you are sure, I'll see you later Onni!" Shouted Kristoff who waved good bye with one and his other hand was around Anna making her feel loved. "Those two are pretty sweet together; I can't wait to see Kristoff ask the big question. I bet Anna will say yes," thought Onni, he felt happy for his new best friend. Kristoff was the kind of friend he had always wanted ever since he was a small child, but his father blocked him off from the world so that his powers wouldn't be discovered.

"I'm glad that I've got a friend, but what should I do now? Hey! What about if I find the archives, then I can find some information for my father," thought Onni. So Onni went on his mission to find the archives and gather as much information as possible.

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