Frozen 2

Elsa (queen of Andrelle) wants to find her true love, but a cunning emperor know as Agnar wants to take over the kingdom and sends his son into the palace as a spy. But his son (Onni) soon finds something that he wants to protect from his father, but could it be too late and will Elsa find her true love?
The sequel to Frozen, a magical and heart warming story full of love and adventure.


4. The New Lodger

Chapter 3

Meanwhile, at the Arendelle palace, Elsa was in her beautiful garden watering her flowers; with her powers. She had learnt a new way to use her powers, like making water. She was so busy looking after her flowers she didn't notice Anna coming down the garden path, she only noticed when she heard giant screams of "Elsa!Elsa!"

"What does she want now?" Thought Elsa "If she is going to ask for more carrots, for Sven, again, I'm going to freak out!" Then Anna ran up to her with a gigantic smile on her face "Elsa! I need to ask you a really, really important question!"


"Ummm... Well we.. I mean I was...,"

"Come on Anna spit it out we don't have all day!"

"Okay...I was wondering,if it would be okay with you if... Kristoff moved in with us?"


"Okay...guess that was a no,"

"Oh Anna, it wasn't a no. It would be nice to have some more company round here,"


"Yes,really!" Suddenly Anna ran down to the courtyard and screamed with delight. "Well, at least she is happy. I bet Kristoff is in the court yard with all his stuff now. Oh, I better help them out, maybe I'll get some flowers for the ball on Sunday,". So Elsa went over to her flowers, and plenty of them were in full bloom. She decided to take some ruby, red roses, sapphire, blue pansies and some topaz, yellow daffodils. "They'll look lovely in the ballroom vase," thought Elsa "Oh, I better go and help Anna and Kristoff unpack,"

She went around the corner to go and help out and when she got there she saw the two of them together. Whenever she saw them together; holding hands or kissing , it always made her feel happy for her sister as she had found her true love, but she did feel kind of jealous. She had talked about this before and Anna said "Don't worry I'm sure you'll find your true love soon," But Anna didn't understand ; if she kissed anyone on the lips she would freeze them, because of her powers and she didn't want that to happen to anybody. Suddenly she heard Anna's voice and awoke from her thoughts , " Yah! Your here! If you could take this, and I'll take that ,and Sven can you carry your sledge into the royal stables?" Sven replied with a grunt, which Kristoff translated as a 'Yes'. "By the way thanks for letting me move in , Elsa,"

"No problem it is nice to have more company round here,"

"I bet it's fun living in a palace!"

"Well, I suppose it is, but don't get too distracted you can easily get lost. Although I'm sure that Anna will look out for you," Elsa turned to her sister and winked. "Well I think that's everything. Thanks for your help!" said Kristoff.

"Few that stuff was heavy. What did you bring with you?"asked Anna, who was already laughing when she saw Kristoff's face." Sorry...Oh, right it was a joke. Why do you have to be so mean?" He then walked over to Anna and wrapped his arms around her.It was their cute symbol of showing their love without getting to attached to one another, as Anna cared about her sisters feelings, but she still wanted to show her love. Elsa decided that they might want some privacy and left those two to check on Olaf, who worked as a butler. But suddenly she got a giant nudge "Ow!" She turned around to see a cute,little reindeer face "Sven, don't make me jump," chuckled Elsa, she gave Sven a cuddle. "I guess I'll show you where your staying. Come on follow me!" Sven followed behind Elsa, gazing at the giant buildings and then he smelt carrots! "Here your are, your new bedroom!" Sven snorted with delight and he quickly got use to his new room. "I think you definitely like it and just next door to you is your sledge and through that door there is all your storage,which includes plenty of carrots!" Sven looked up at Elsa and gave her a cute reindeer smile. "Well,I guess I'll leave you to it , and now you can go anywhere, but maybe you should stick to the ground floor of the palace," said Elsa who gave Sven a little hug.

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