Frozen 2

Elsa (queen of Andrelle) wants to find her true love, but a cunning emperor know as Agnar wants to take over the kingdom and sends his son into the palace as a spy. But his son (Onni) soon finds something that he wants to protect from his father, but could it be too late and will Elsa find her true love?
The sequel to Frozen, a magical and heart warming story full of love and adventure.


10. Heart Ache

Chapter 8 Heart Ache

"Elsa! What is she doing her and why of all the trees in the forest does she have to sit by the same one as me?" Onni thought "Well, I guess I better talk to her, but what do I say?"

"Hey... Elsa are you okay?"

"Uhh... Oh it's you. Sorry I wish you didn't have to see me like this,"

"Why are you crying?"

"Oh it's nothing really I just sometimes over react; like at the moment I'm pretty jealous of my sister,"

"You sure, because from where I'm sitting it looks like more than that," Onni stood up and held out his hand "Come on let's go and take you home," Elsa looked up her eyes wide with surprise, she grabbed his hand and looked into his dark brown eyes. "So what's your problem?"

"Uh...what do you mean?"

"Well, there must be some reason for why your here in the forest at this time of night,"

"Uh, well it's kind of a long story and it would be best if we returned to the palace soon,"

"No don't worry, I really want to know more about you,"

"Okay here it goes, but I suggest you sit down," They sat down underneath the shelter of the tall pine tree and Onni told Elsa the problem he had with his father. "Oh I'm really sorry that he shouted at you; I'm sure he didn't mean it. But I'm sure you have something else to tell me, because you still have a sad face,"

"You have nothing to say sorry for and...I don't really have anything else to tell you,"

"Oh really...sorry I shouldn't be pestering you," Then a gust of wind blew that made Elsa shiver, "Sorry are you cold?" asked Onni.

"Of course not, I have ice powers remember," Elsa looked up at Onni and smiled, Onni knew he had to tell Elsa about his powers otherwise she would be pestering him for ages, but if he did tell her; would she hate him from keeping it a secret. "Urgh I won't tell her, she would hate me if I did," thought Onni. He looked into Elsa's emerald eyes, and gave her a quick smile, whenever he saw Elsa his heart felt warm inside and as soon as Elsa smiled back he felt even happier.

Onni sat back and looked into the unknown, his hands lay flat beside him. He wished he could tell Elsa how he felt, as now was the perfect moment, but he was afraid. Afraid of telling his secret, afraid of what Elsa might think. Suddenly he felt something land on top of his hand; he looked towards them and saw Elsa's hands on top of his. "Oh. Sorry," said a surprised Onni.

"Don't be sorry, it wasn't your fault," said Elsa, who had now held both of Onni's hands and held them tight. "Ouch! Your hands are turning really hot, “said Elsa.

"Yours are turning really cold," they both let go of each other and in each of their hands was a heart. Onni's heart was blazing with fire and Elsa's was frozen with ice, "Wow! Onni you have powers! I knew it! “exclaimed Elsa, she jumped up and twirled around with excitement. “Well, I guess you found out, I hope you’re not angry with me for not telling you,"

"Of course I'm not," she embraced Onni's hands to her, and pulled him up "I've been waiting to meet someone like you for ages,"

"Same here," Onni slid his hands to Elsa's sides and they danced through the night with happiness; they had finally understood each other and there was nothing that could keep them apart. Elsa leaned back with Onni's support on their fiery, ice dance floor. Elsa was dazed by the magical moment and Onni gazed at Elsa for one second, and finally went for it .They brought their heads together; touching for the first time. Next thing they knew, they kissed for love.....Suddenly, a giant burst of icicles and flames arose around them and the whole forest was a blazed with a bright, fiery, white light. "Oh no! Onni are you alright! Onni! Please don't freeze!"

"Hey don't worry I'm fine,"


"Really!" They gave each other a cuddle and looked into each other's eyes. "I can't believe I didn't freeze you!" Elsa jumped around with glee.

"Well, I'm still here,"

"I love you Onni!”

"I love you more!" Onni placed his hands on her slender shoulders and they held that position; staring into each other's eyes. They knew they were meant to be and gave each other a kiss to prove it! "Maybe we should go home now, otherwise everyone will wonder where we are," said Onni.

"Oh, good point. Let's go!" So the new couple went off back home to the palace, Onni felt amazed; especially with all these new experiences! He had made friends and now even found his true love, but he still had a problem. His father was still angry and he didn't know which path he needed to take, he wanted to know; what was the right thing to do?

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