Frozen 2

Elsa (queen of Andrelle) wants to find her true love, but a cunning emperor know as Agnar wants to take over the kingdom and sends his son into the palace as a spy. But his son (Onni) soon finds something that he wants to protect from his father, but could it be too late and will Elsa find her true love?
The sequel to Frozen, a magical and heart warming story full of love and adventure.


17. A Wedding Proposal

Chapter 15 A Wedding Proposal

Quickly, Olaf and Onni gathered the tables and chairs placing them in accurate spots across the room. "Onni this table is 2.5cm out of its correct position, can I move it?"

"Olaf, just move it if you really want it to be that perfect,"

"Sorry, but this is Anna's and Kristoff's special moment and I want it to be extra, extra special!"

So off went Olaf and Onni pushing tables and chairs left, right and centre until...finally it was finished. The floor was polished to perfection, the glass windows shined in the moonlight and the room had a light scent of lavender. It was finally time for Kristoff to say one of the biggest questions of his life.

Kristoff got into a dashing suit made by the talented Olaf, with very fine embroidery of snowflakes on the shoulders. But being as talented as Olaf was he quickly decided he should make Anna a dress to fit in with the sophisticated theme, so he created a glamorous, green gown decorated with embroideries of sweet lilies and roses embedded together across the bust of the dress.

As soon as the clothing was finished Olaf delivered the clothes to Anna's room and quickly ushered her to get changed. Eventually, Kristoff came out of his room after getting ready and said "How do I look?"

"Well you look perfect to propose, so get over to Anna's room and escort her to the roof; meanwhile me and Olaf will get the food ready," replied Onni "And don't worry you'll be fine, just ignore the nerves and enjoy the night, by the way have you got the ring?"

"Yep, right here" Kristoff said tapping his pocket.

"Wooo let’s get this proposal started!" Shouted Olaf

"Sshhhhhh, it's meant to be a surprise Olaf. I know your excited but just hold it in for a bit okay,"

"Okay," said Olaf trying to hold his breath to contain his excitement.

So off went Kristoff and he knocked on Anna's door, "Are you ready yet?" Nobody answered back but the door opened and there stood Anna in her beautiful gown "Ready for what...Kristoff?"

"Huh...oh sorry you look so pretty I didn't hear you?"

"Aww thank you!" She gave him a kiss on the cheek, "So ready for what?"

"Oh for a special dinner on the roof want to come?"

"Of course, it sounds so exciting! I love your suit by the way it looks really good on you! It's weird seeing you look smart,"

"Hey, stop being cheeky!" He said giving her a gentle cuddle.

"Sorry," giggled Anna.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen Olaf and Elsa were cooking some delicious meals for the special event. While Onni was teaching Sven the art of being a waiter and after several plates were smashed Sven eventually got the idea of how to balance the plates and not to eat the food. “Here they come Sven, get ready to begin work,"

Sven replied in a grunt and walked up to the laughing couple and did a slight cough to get their attention. "Oh hi buddie, Anna we best place our orders,"

"Alright what can we have Sven?"

Sven looked a bit bewildered and looked back at Onni. "Oh umm hi you two, hope your having a lovely time I just thought I'd say there is only 1 option for your meal tonight and that's spaghetti bolognese for the main course and vanilla and chocolate ice cream for dessert, sorry" said Onni.

"Oh don't worry that's okay, I'm terrible at choosing food because I love food so much!" Said Anna.

"Well I'll bring you dinner ASAP!"

"Thanks Onni,"

Onni quickly rushed to the kitchen and brought their meals, which everyone enjoyed and then, it was the big event...., the evening ball (on the roof). Everyone grabbed a partner with Kristoff and Anna together, Elsa and Onni and finally Sven and Olaf.

Anna and Kristoff took over the floor and Kristoff managed not to step on Anna's toes once and at this moment it time he was pretty proud of himself but then he remembered...the ring. In mid dance he winked at Onni to let him know he was ready to ask the question. Onni switched off the music and all became silent.

Kristoff stopped Anna from dancing, as she was unaware of the music stopping and then she looked down at Kristoff who was now on one knee and her face began to show realisation of what was happening. "Anna I've loved you from the very day I met you, you're sweet, kind and caring and I love you for those things. Every day you make me laugh and cheer me up when I'm see you’re my one true love and I don't think I could ever stop loving you because you’re....well you! I love you so much Anna, so would me the honour of becoming my wife?"

Suddenly a big sound of "Aww" swept through the room and Kristoff soon realised the trolls were there and he looked at Onni who smiled at him and Kristoff was thankful that his friend had invited his family. Even Onni's dad who was once an evil dragon was admiring the cutness. "So what's the answer Anna?"

"Mmmm...Well this is hard decision but...I love you too much to say no so it's a yes!"Anna jumped to Kristoff's arms and gave him a very long kiss “I love you Kristoff and I'd love to be your wife!"

Everybody cheered, but Olaf cheered most of all and his excitement finally burst out at full volume! Kristoff and Anna were congratulated by everyone including every individual troll and finally Oalf burst out screaming" Hey everyone don't forget about Onni and Elsa"

"Huh" exclaimed everyone.

"Son I'm so happy for you...I wish I'd been a better father,"

"Hey dad its okay I always loved you; even now, you'll always be a great dad!"Exclaimed Onni giving his father a hug.

"We knew it!" Shouted Kristoff and Anna "We both suspected something, but we weren't sure" explained Kristoff.

"I am so happy for you Elsa!" Anna said excitedly and gave her sister a big hug, "Our lives have become even better than before, you found you're true love, who has amazing powers like you but with fire! How amazing is that!? I wish mother and father were here to see this,"

"I bet they're watching us now, being happy for us all" answered Elsa.

"I love you all so much!" Shouted Anna

"Me too!" Shouted Olaf "Now let's party!"

Everything was happy in Arendelle and it was going to stay that way for a very long time. Olaf even began his career as a DJ butler and he began creating his own clothing business. And that is the end of this very happy tale and, as I know you may be thinking, did Onni and Elsa get engaged...well that's for you to think about.

The End.

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