Transcendence (ascension)

We grow up with only the speculation that there are other worlds coinciding with this one. But that's what it is, mere assumption, mere speculation. We don't realise that there are other worlds, that there is a higher authority out there and he does not belong to this world. As he crosses the void Alicia will find herself not only in danger but as her path crosses with One Direction how can she protect who she loves? Louis is bound to someone he doesn't know but soon he will realise that the safety of the world lies in his hands.


1. Prologue

I choke on the air, aiming for a sign, something to make out in the shadow that surrounds me. Ash falls dangerously, the plumes of smoke encircling me like a duvet; but it's not comforting. My eyes are burning. I crawl across the mud, pawing for a sign of humanity. I'm nauseated. I touch the cut on my forehead and withdraw quickly. I try to think about my bearings, which direction i need to go. I ignore the pain that every jolt brings when i walk. Blood is oozing from my wound, i can smell the metallic stench of it. I feel as if i may pass out, god knows i want to. I would be so easy to just give up, right now.

I take in another breath but oh how stupid that was. My lungs shake, my heart stammers. Just a breath of fresh air, i beg. My body fights to expel the hazardous ichor and i retch. There is no end to this barren landscape, i think as my nails pick up yet more mud. The weeds scratch at my arms and the tears roll down my cheeks. I want to go back to a time when life was more simple, when i didn't have anything to do with his world, the corruption he has had on me. If i just lay here maybe God will be forgiving, maybe then he won't come for me. Maybe then he will leave me alone. If i take a few more breaths, that will do it, i think...then-

Concrete. My hands find their way to stones. Relief washes over me. But i'm not safe. Yet. I stiffly shuffle forward, feeling the granite move beneath my fingers. Euphoria, oh euphoria how i have missed you, missed that great sense of elation you bring! The fog begins to disperse and i feel like at last i can begin to breathe again. The sun shines so brightly in my face. Burning red it warms my ashen-white skin, tickles at the wounds, acting with healing strength. I admire the colours, how it flickers in the breeze, how it covers my vision with it's magnificence, how it sends off flames that catch the branches above my head-

Wait. This wasn't the sun. It was fire. I watch it lick the trees, burning with unnatural force, charing the wood instantly. The branches splinter and i jump as they crash to the ground. This was no normal fire, it was as strong as lava, as malicious as the pits of- i gulp- Hell. It rose in the air as far as i knew the sky to be, swirling darkly around the shadow of a building. I squint, making out the shape, the features, then the environment. I flush. It can't be. No. How. No, no, no it can't, don't be stupid. My mind feels like clockwork grinding to a halt.

"Hahaha" I whip my head round. It was him. I shift my gaze to the building, back to him, then the building again. My body is rigid as i curl my fists, my eyes bloodshot and wide with, what? Fear, anger? Both.

"Do you remember when you cursed and told me how i wasn't a good choice for you?" He hissed, lips curling into a smile. "How i didn't matter any more. That you'd found someone better. You thought you could leave me that easily Alicia but don't you see? You're mine." He chuckled.

"Shame about your friend though" He palmed off the words, as carelessly as swatting a fly.

"Wha-" But i'd already guessed. My eyes wide, i falter back and fall, crashing to the floor. 

His grin grows bigger. His pupils form slits, snake-like and cunning.

I scream. Painfully loud and clear. I run headlong towards the fire; I don't care if i burn. I shut my eyes and brace for the feel of fire on my skin but it doesn't come. I am thrown back by a pair of hands before i come even an inch towards the wall of flames.

"You touch it and you die instantly!" He shouted.

I watch him pull a mouse from his pocket, stroking it carefully. For a fleeting moment i think that there might actually be some goodness in him. It's over before i can finish the thought. His eyes glow a bright yellow and he throws the mouse into the flames; all that's left is a small pile of ash that floats slowly to the ground. All hope, all potential, all hope, all of it's future, dashed in a moment. I know he means to do the same to me, whether i choose to follow him or not.

I struggle up and run full force towards the fire; yet again i'm thrown back. 

"ARE YOU STUPID?! HE'S DEAD ALICIA! HE CAN'T COME BACK!" I feel as if the air has been knocked out of me. But there may still be a chance he survived, there's always hope, there must be. I pick myself up and prepare to run but this time he grabs me and strides away.

"Get your hands off of me!" I thrash out at him but his grip only gets tighter, the way a python kills its prey. "You bastard, let go!" I can feel the tears prick my eyes. I twist but he has me firmly locked in his arms.

"NIALL, NIALL" I screech "NIALLLLLLL" He chuckles as he drives me away from the fire, back towards the god forsaken forest. I thrust my body against him, willing him to lose balance, fall over. "NIALLLLLLLL" Again he chuckles. "NIALL" More chuckling.


 I scream until my lungs give out and finally the darkness consumes my vision

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