Pearl, TX


2. Cherry Cola's

THEY ARRIVED AT Margie May’s boutique on main street at precisely 8:45. They looked at the pretty gowns in every color imaginable and smiled. Luna held up a lemon-colored dress with too many frills to count. “Ladies, how d’I look?” she said, in her Movie Star voice. 

    “Luna, you look like a lemon that went through a paper shredder! Put that down before someone looks at you funny!” Did I mention Lilly could be a bit harsh? 

    “Oh, Lil! Come ‘ere!” Ivy held up a navy blue gown that made a ssst sound as she crinkled the fabric. “Wouldn’t this be divine for the spring ball?” 

    The girls cooed at the dress. “Oh, Ivy, it’d be gorgeous! Ask your mother to get it for you!” Luna suggested. Lilly nodded in agreement.

    “ Are you kidding me? It’s sixty dollars!” She raised her eyebrows. she instantly felt her cheeks getting hot. her family wasn’t as financially fortunate as everyone else in their small town. 

    She put it back on the hanger. “Let’s get some food! I’m starvin’!” 

    “Good point, Iv. God, I haven’t had a good meal this entire week! Mother is cooking again.” Luna rolled her eyes. “Why can’t our poor mother just accept that Daddy’s more talented in the culinary department than she is?”

    “Luna, stop your foolish complaining! She’s just trying to help! What, with Daddy practically outside every hour of the day, she doesn’t have anything better to do,” Lilly scolded.

    “Lilly, what do you mean?” A concerned Ivy asked.

    Luna and Lilly exchanged glances.

    “Daddy’s worried about our crops. I mean, with this drought, we might as well sell our bluebonnets off our backyard garden!”

    “Oh, I’m so sorry.” 

    The silence was too much to bear after a few minutes, so Ivy suggested lunch. 


    THE TRIO WALKED into The Blackberry Cafe at 12:00 and sat down in one of the window booths. Abigail Smith, a girl their age, walked in with Ricky Bartlet. The girls greeted each other.

    Three stunned girls viciously whispered at each other:

    “I didn’t know they were going together!”

    “I know! They hated each other last year!”

    “Well, it doesn’t really surprise me!”


    “Well, isn’t it obvious? They’re both popular and gorgeous, it’s only right for them to be going toge—”

    “Girls?” The town high school heartthrob,  Doug Donaldson, stared down at them in his waiter’s uniform with a pencil and pad, ready to take their order.

    They blushed. “Yes?”

    “Uh, I was just wondering what y’all wanted to drink..” 

    “Well, Douglas, I’ll have a Cherry Co-Cola.” Luna said, all matter-of-fact.

    “Make that two.”

    “Actually, make that three.” 

    “Alright, three ice-cold Cherry Cokes? They’ll be right up!” He said, grinning. “Oh, and by the way, it’s Ivy, right?”

    “Uh, y-yes.” 

    Now hold on a moment. If I were to brand this into a cheesy romantic movie Doug would ask Ivy to the spring ball, but unfortunately, this is a more realistic tale.

    “Well, tell Charles we’re gonna beat his team Monday night!” He joked.

    “Oh, ok!” Ivy smiled, and flipped her hair.

    Once Charles left, the girls squealed like pigs. Their Cherry Cokes and sandwiches were quickly gobbled up as they gossiped about things.


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