The Conflict Coalition

A girl and boy (Sawyer Hartman is a film maker, so can look up for reference pics) are being hunted for something her father did. They are young and in love but cannot cope with the world around them and the Conflict Coalition hunting them down. They must find her father and decide whether to hand him to the CC to escape this life or hid away forever.


1. Pain and Protection

I knew I was dead, at least nearly anyway. The breaking wind flew so fast past my ears it choked out all of the sounds surrounding me, the fact he was chasing me down Dark Lane could and would not end well. The sky was molten tar, every time I looked at it my eyes burnt out a tiny bit more. I could not run much further in this nightmare. If only it was a nightmare, someone could pinch me! Dark Lane was a muddy dirt track leading to a little river; I could run alongside the river but if I remember correctly there is a dead end where a sharp electric fence runs by. The closer I got to the river the louder the buzzing in my ears was where they filled up with rainwater. It was so loud and I couldn’t think, where was I going to run too?


I reached the river and ran down the side, trampling through the brambles attacking my bare legs, I could hear that whoever was chasing me was about 4 meters away at the least. The dead end came into sight and I knew I was screwed, I had to. I might die but I had too. So I did. Jumped into the river, it was ice cold and about shoulder deep. I, struggling, waded across the river feeling the stinging infections spread up my leg through the deep cuts from tripping many times earlier. The river was only 3 metres across but very thick with mud and weeds which did nothing but pull me down. I daren’t look back, but I knew he was right behind me looking over the river, I was hoping he didn’t follow but it was inevitable considering he’d been following for at least 10 minutes now.


When I reached the other side of the river my leg with the gash was completely numb, so I attempted to use my arms to pull myself up as fast as I could onto the bank. When I was finally up I had noticed he had gone, so I stumbled through the bramble adjacent to me until I reached the main road. My bleeding achy leg dragged behind me as I attempted to run home. My house was around ½ a mile down the road, I live with my best friend Sawyer, and we are only best friends.


After I got home it was 3:45am and Sawyer was sleeping, I unlocked the front door and flopped onto the sofa. Sobbing my heart out, in shock, pain and everything else possible to cry about in my situation. I was trying to contain my constant whimpering but evidently failed when Sawyer ran out of his room and shouted ‘River what the hell has happened?’ He came and kneeled next to the sofa staring at a disheveled and broken me. I couldn’t make out any words; he grabbed my muddy hand and held it tight. I managed to whisper ‘lock the door Sawyer’ He just said ‘Why River?’ I just began sobbing harder in ultimate fear, so he locked the door and knelt back beside me.


‘Let’s fix you up, we need to go to the hospital now Rivie.’ ‘No... I can’t’ I said staring into his eyes. ‘Ok, wait here one second; I will lay a towel on the kitchen table. Lucky I’m now a fully trained nurse.’ I gripped his hand tighter as he slowly let go. He laid the white towel on the kitchen table as he lugged a muddy broken me onto it.

First he addressed my leg. Cleansing it with salt water and wiping it clean. ‘Stitches River, I can do them but people usually need an anesthetic with this deep of an injury.’


‘Please do it Sawyer, do anything.’ I said still crying uncontrollably.

He did stitch me up with his nurse training first aid kit, the rest of my cuts were minor. After this I sat up and looked at the towel, covered in blood and mud. My clothes still more water than cotton and my hair sodden. Sawyer sat beside me on the table and put his arm around me telling I was still shaking, ‘What happened Rivie?’ I just replied ‘I fell…’ Then I was literally saved by the bell, my phone went off and Sawyer grabbed it from my coat pocket on the sofa. The text read. ‘This isn’t over; your little friend won’t be able to look after you for much longer. From CC’ ‘Who is it?’ Sawyer said as I looked up at him. ‘THERE HERE SAWYER! SAWYER QUICK, THEY’RE GONNA GET YOU TOO! SAWYER!!’ I yelled absolutely mortified. ‘SHUT THE BLINDS ALL OF THEM! NOW SAWYER. LOCK THE BACK DOOR, LOCK EVERY WINDOW! NOW!’ ‘What? What’s going on, who’s here? Who text you?’ He shouted grabbing my phone and frantically reading the message again then shutting all of the blinds and windows.


I limped over to the sofa as Sawyer sat me down, knelt by my feet and put both his hands on my shoulders and stared into my eyes and said ‘Who is that text from River, where were you earlier?’ So I told him everything, how I never saw the person, who chased me from my car, how I jumped in the river… How they would have killed me and how that was most likely there intentions.


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