The Dead Walking 5

(the fifth book in The Dead Walking series!) Some chances ARE worth taking... and in a world like this... you don't have yet a second to decide what chances are the ones worth the risk. I still don't know if I chose right.


17. Thank You

                   *Carl's Point of View*

               When I found the iPod laying on the floor next to the open window I was honestly just confused. It was the fact that the iPod was still playing that terrified me. Izzy wouldn't have left it on because she knows we need to save the battery... and I'd like to think that she wouldn't just jump out the window and leave without telling anyone. So that leads me to the terrifying thought... Where the hell is she and what happened to her?

               Before I even know what I'm doing I'm sprinting down the stairs. I take deep breaths, trying my very best to stay calm, but no matter how hard I try my thumping heart will not slow. When I reach the last step I keep running till I'm in the living the room. All eyes are on me as I stop... trying to find the right words as I catch my breath.

                "Izzy... she's gone... the window was open," I say in between breaths. "I don't know where she is... we have to find her!" the words come out more frantic as my worry grows. I cant let anything to happen to her! She's mine and there is no way she is going to die because I need her here. She's the only thing keeping me from going completely insane.

                Casey speaks up first, his words filled with honest concern, "You don't think she just left?" he asks.

                I shake my head. "No. We have this iPod... and we used it to listen to music and stuff... and it was lying on the ground and it was still playing and if she just left I know she wouldn't leave it running because she wouldn't want it to go dead! And how the hell could she have just jumped out of the window by herself? Her ribs are still broken! She would have used a freaking door if she had a choice."

                Casey nods and is about to say something else when Daryl cuts in. "I say we send out a small group to search and the rest stay here, case she does come back. Like I said earlier... there were signs of people other than us 'round here recently so if we all leave then they could take our supplies... and I ain't gonna let that happen," he suggests.

                 I actually find myself agreeing with him. We have to go searching for her, but we cant be stupid about it. "Okay then who's coming with me?" I ask.

                 Maggie raises her hand first. "I'll go."

                 I nod at her and Casey, Glenn, and Carol also say they'll go. That's 4 of us, leaving 6 adults and 6 kids, more than enough to defend this place against attackers. "Come on... the sooner we leave the better," I tell them and they all follow me outside.

                 We walk down the sidewalk leading to another road, silently. I keep my hand rested on my gun at my hip as we walk. It does seem exceptionally quiet around here... no sign of any walkers... not even one lone walker. I look up at the fading sun and sigh. If we don't find her soon then we'll have to stop... No. I shake my head. I'll keep searching. She isn't going to spend a night be herself out here when there are still things I can do to find her.

                 We only get maybe a good 500 feet if we're lucky when the click of a gun right beside my head freezes me in place. We're now at the intersection between two streets, in the middle of the road. I cant see the person holding me, but each one of the people that came with me have a gun to their head also. I squeeze my eyes shut as irritation makes its way through me. God dammit!

                  That's when I see the man holding her... holding my girl with a gun to her head. She doesn't look scared and when her eyes meet mine I can see them soften. The man that holds her stands a couple feet away from everyone and he smiles... not even a sarcastic smile, a smile. How can he think this is something to smile about?! It takes every ounce of sheer will I have to keep from lunging forward and punching him. Stupid prick.

                  "Ah so nice to meet you guys... Izzy here wouldn't stop saying how powerful you guys were... saying how we couldn't kill you guys," the smile on his face gets bigger and he looks down at Izzy. "Well sweetie it looks like you were wrong. You see my men right there... and those guns in their hands pointing at their heads... well one wrong move and they're all dead."

                  I grind my teeth together at the word sweetie and I cant help, but snap, "Don't call her that."

                  Izzy's eyes lock with mine once again, but this time her eyes hold warning. I expect the man to snap back at me, but instead he chuckles. "Is this your girlfriend? So sweet. I'll try to watch my words around you," he replies sarcastically. His words only add on to my anger. "Well I didn't come here to discuss your personal lives, but I... I believe you have someone of mine."

                  I see Izzy squeeze her eyes shut at the mention of those words and Casey cringes. "Oh My God..." the words are so low I barely caught them coming out of his mouth. "Rob let her go..." Casey says, his words louder this time, more confident.

                  "Brother..." Rob smiles. "So nice to see you again. I know, I know... you were sure I was dead weren't you? I mean of course you would think that... you saw out parents be ripped apart by those monsters and I assume you had come to terms with the fact I was going to die too when you left me there..." Rob's voice suddenly goes cold and I actually stiffen at his words... Casey left his brother to be eaten by walkers...?

                  "You know it wasn't like that! I couldn't help you! I had Aria-"

                  "STOP! Stop making excuses for yourself!" Rob shouts. Izzy cringes and again I fight the urge to lunge forward.

                  "Fine. Kill me. I don't care, but these people had nothing to do with any of this so you let them go," Casey tells him.

                  "Good, good. Step forward... away from this innocent group and we'll end this," Rob instructs, making sure to emphasize the words innocent group.

                  I want to stop Casey from stepping forward... I actually consider this guy a friend... and I know Izzy and him are even closer so I can just imagine what she is going through. I really want to stop him, but I know that'll only be a death sentence for me and maybe the rest of them. So I'm forced to stand there and watch as he takes a step forward... and then another and another until he is a couple feet away from the rest of us. He actually seems calm... like he doesn't care that is brother is probably going to kill him any moment now. Izzy opens her eyes up to look at me and I can see her visibly swallow and then she moves.


                   *Izzy's Point of View*

                   I was fighting deep within myself on what I was going to do. Fight... or let him die. And within a split second I made up my mind and acted. I send my elbow flying back into Rob's rib cage. His grip on me immediately loosens and I spin around kicking the guy's gun out of his hand nearest to me, leaving Maggie free. She shoots him quickly and soon everyone is reacting. I spin around and pull the gun out of the pocket at my hip and aim it at Rob's forehead. To my surprise he has a gun pointed right back at me.

                  "Anyone moves... and I will not hesitate to shoot her," Rob says, his voice cold. Everyone freezes in place and turns to look at us. "Stupid, stupid girl... I gave you one command. One! And what was that?" he asks me. When I don't answer he repeats the same question with more force, pressing the gun harder against the forehead. "And what was that?"

                  "Stand there and cooperate," I mutter.

                  "Exactly and what did you just do?"

                  "I freaking hit you!"

                  "Exactly..." he sighs. "You didn't have to die... all you had to do was stand still and you moved!" He seems to be trying convincing himself that what he is saying is true. I feel just a small amount of fear rush through as I realize what's about to happen. He's going to shoot me. "You did this... not me..." his finger tightens on the trigger and I squeeze my eyes shut. Someone behind me moves and I hear then being held back.

                  "NO! Let her go! Stop!" its Carl's voice.

                  His finger moves slowly on the trigger... slowly and quietly pulling it back and I feel my chest tighten in anticipation... in fear. But then I hear footsteps... someone getting closer and I know it's not Carl because his words of protest continue. Rob doesn't seem to notice because he's staring at me... staring into my eyes. I don't see guilt... I see pain. He doesn't want to kill me, I realize, but that isn't going to stop him from pulling the trigger.

                 His finger pulls back another centimeter... dangerously close to shooting.

                 Then it's there, but I don't feel the bullet because someone is pushing me out of the way.

                 "No," the word comes from Casey and I look up from the ground just in time to see the bullet hit him... in a dangerously close spot to his heart.

                  I heave in a breath as I see him collapse in a heap on the ground. Rob backs away... looking clearly shocked at what just happened. I don't have to think twice before I'm up and running. I drop to my knees beside him, tears already streaming down my face. His white shirt... once clean is now stained red with blood. His blood. Oh my God. I cover the wound with both of my hands, pushing down hard as if I will somehow be able to stop the blood from pouring out.

                  "No Casey... NO! You cant die you have to keep breathing just keep breathing DONT-don't do this to me. Please," I whimper.

                   He's coughing hard, both spit and blood splattering on me, but I don't care. He shakes his head slightly. "Shhh," the word comes out low and strangled. "You weren't- I wasn't going to let you... die... because of my... mistakes," he tells me in between coughs and shallow breaths.

                   His face is slowly turning pale and I fight the urge to wail. This shouldn't be happening. Not to him. He didn't deserve this! "Casey... please! Don't do this!" I plead.

                   "Thank you Izzy... for everything. You're a damn good sister," he smiles slightly before wincing. I lean forward, wrapping my arms around him in a small hug. I feel the blood seep through, soaking my shirt too. I bury my face his shoulder as the tears literally pour our of my eyes.

                   No one comes over to us... not even Carl. I pull away, brushing his blonde hair away from his face, cracking a smile for him through my own pain. "You're a damn good brother too Casey... every bit as good as my own was."

                   I can see him visibly relax back into the ground as the life slowly drains from his eyes. "I love you Izzy," he whispers.

                   I cant help the strangled cry that escapes my lips. "I love you too Casey... Thank you."

                   And then he's gone. His blue eyes staring off at nothing. Another cry escapes my mouth and I feel Carl's arm wrap around my waist as we both kneel in front of him. I look over to see Carl's eyes are glazed over with tears. He leans forward, pressing his soft lips against my forehead, repeatedly, as I cry.

                   Goodbye Casey. I hope wherever you are puts this place to shame. You've always deserved so much better.





                  OKAY... before you all kill me just know I am going through as much pain as you are! I really didn't want to kill him, I swear! But it had to happen... Casey really wasn't even supposed to last this long and it was time for him to go... I'm sorry guys... but really think of it like this... Casey would not have just let Izzy die like that and he would have been MISERABLE he did! So yeah... please don't kill me XD!


                RIP CASEY :,( I'm gonna miss writing about ya buddy.


                                                                                              ~Samantha <3

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