The Dead Walking 5

(the fifth book in The Dead Walking series!) Some chances ARE worth taking... and in a world like this... you don't have yet a second to decide what chances are the ones worth the risk. I still don't know if I chose right.


15. Not Simple

            I hear laughter as me and Casey approach the door to the 2 story house we've been staying in. I'd be lying if I said that the walk I just took with Casey didn't help make feel better. As soon as I step inside I'm automatically engulfed in warm air and I sigh, just like I always do. I cant help it. We're so lucky to have a place like this again even is we did have to fight for it. My find flashes back to those memories and half cringe as they start coming back. We've all come way to close to dying way to many times.

            Casey holds the door open for me to enter and shuts it behind him. I spot Carl across the room still talking to the others in the kitchen and I actually feel a little pang of jealousy that they're talking to him about something, but they're not including me. Wow I'm selfish. I'm sure whatever it is they'll tell me later. But they didn't tell you last time... remember what happened? More than I'd like to.

             I mentally slap myself and force my mind to shut up as I walk up the stairs. I take each step 2 at a time and turn into the room that me and Carl share. I plop down on the bed and grab my bag off the floor beside it and rummage through it until I find what I'm looking for. I smile as I lift the small object out of the bag and hold it in my hand. So many memories this iPod holds. I almost laugh at how ridiculous It sounds. To be honest I really just need to listen to some music...

             I stand up and walk a couple feet to where the boy's... (or well the teenager, as the posters on the walls suggests) dresser is. I move a couple things around in search of some ear-buds. There has to be some around her somewhere. What teenage boy doesn't have ear-buds...? I keep searching for another minute or so until I finally find a black pair rolled up in the pocket of a sweatshirt. I pull them out and smile as I walk back over to the bed and plop down again, plugging them into the iPod as I search for a song. After a moment I decide on Lose Yourself by Eminem and lean back as the song starts playing in my head. I shut my eyes and hum along, finally allowing myself to relax.

             You better lose yourself in the music

             The moment you want it

             You better never let it go

              I continue humming along until I feel a hand grip arm. Intinctively my eyes shoot open and I gasp, but the slight noise is cut off by a hand covering my mouth. My hands fly up as I try to get the hand away. Whoever the person is wraps an arm around my waist before lifting me up and carrying me to the window. I kick and thrash my body all around, but the grip is too tight. The ear buds fall out of my ears and I hear the thump of the iPod as it hits the ground. I feel fear rush through me for a moment as I realize that I'm on my own. There's no one here to save me. But the fear is soon replaced with determination.

              The person sets me down, and tries to push me toward the window. I spin around and my fist comes in contact with skin and I can finally see who the person is. It's someone I've never seen before. A man. He doesn't look very old... late 20's at the most and very well built. He's physically attractive, but something about him just makes me want to punch him harder. And even though I've never seen him before... he reminds me of someone.

               The man barely even looks phased by my punch and once again grips my waist and covers my mouth. He walks to the window and starts to push me through again and without thinking I bite down hard on his hand. He groans slightly before slapping the side of my face... hard.

               "Stop struggling!" his whisper is fierce and serious... and yet again the voice reminds me of someone. "You're just making this harder on yourself... and I really do not enjoy hitting little girls," he raises an eyebrow as to ask if I understand.

               "What the hell do you want with me?" I demand.

               He chuckles slightly at my words before pointing to the window. "Jump," he states, simply.

               "Are you- are you kidding me? We're 2 stories high! I could break my leg or land on my arm!" he puts a hand over my mouth to quiet my words.

               "Okay let me put this a different way... Jump. Or I will push you and make sure my men down there kill every single one of yours," his face is suddenly serious and I actually shift uncomfortably, another rush of fear makes it's way through me.

               I can tell he's not joking... so unwillingly I walk to the window and sit down on the edge so that my legs are dangling. "And make a noise sweetie... and I promise my bullet wont miss."

              Somehow his... threats... seem to scare me more than if he'd just thrown me out the window. The man didn't look mean... or even sound mean... but his words held a sinister feeling. I stare down at the ground and gulp as I see that its still a pretty big drop, especially for someone as small as me. Okay Izzy. On the count of three... just do it. You can do it. I take in another breath before I start my countdown.








               I push myself off and then I'm falling. It takes me a moment to position myself in the air so my feet are parallel with the ground. I literally have to snap my mouth shut to keep yelping.

               Then my feet touch the ground. I stumble to the side and fall down, unable to keep my balance. Then I feel the pain. It starts at my feet and slowly makes it's way up my body. It stops at my rib cage and that's when I remember that my ribs are still broken. They hadn't been hurting as much lately so it was easy to forget... but now. I honestly can't breath. My breath comes in short gasps and somewhere along the way through my pain the man must have jumped to because I can feel myself being lifted off the ground. It's one of the worst pains I've ever felt. I passed out when I was shot in the chest so there wasn't much that I could feel there. And yet this pain still even beat the actually breaking of my ribs. Yep. Definitely some internal bleeding there.

               I'm going to die...

               I'm not going to be able to say goodbye to Carl

               Or any of them.

               I'm going to die because I was forced to jump out of a freaking 2 story window!

               I'm going to die because of some broken ribs.

               I would laugh, but even the thought of it hurts like hell. Why cant I just pass out?

               A few seconds later I get my wish and the world around me goes dark.




               Honestly I expected myself not to wake back up. I figured I'd basically said goodbye back there when I passed out, but I guess luck is not on my side because here I am... staring up at this ugly, brown ceiling. My side still hurts... man does it hurt... but this time I can feel something there. A bandage. Did my group find me? Was it a dream?  Obviously not or else my ribs would not be hurting. I let out an exasperated sigh before sitting up. That's when I feel the thing tying my wrist to a pole near the corner of the room. Why is that not surprising? Oh yeah... because I just got myself freaking captured!!!

                At least they had the decency to fix me up. Guess my thoughts of dying where untrue... Shit. I look around the room and spot a door on the opposite wall from me... a good 20 feet away. It's dimly lit, the only light coming from a small window near the top of the wall behind me which lets me know that I'm in a basement. The floor has a light layer of an ugly, brown carpet that offers little too no comfort for my butt. The ceiling seems to be breaking apart and if I wasn't so angry about the fact that I was actually kidnapped I would worry that it might collapse on me and the walls are made up of a light, gray cement, making the room uncomfortably chilly.

                The door across the room from me opens and 2 men walk in. One of them is the man that actually kidnapped me and the other man is one I have never seen before. Man I really want to punch him. What could they really want from me? I've never even seen them before in my life so what could I have done?

                "You're lucky I don't really want you dead or else sweetie... you would be. Didn't know you had some broken ribs," the man from earlier said. "I'm Rob by the way."  I just glare at him as he crosses the room to stand in front of me, while the other man stands back. He stops and bends down so he is almost eye level with me. "This is the part where you tell me your name. I'm being nice here. Don't want me to have to stop breaking more things than just your ribs do we?"

                I ignore his threat. "My names Izzy. And I suggest you get the hell out of my personal space if you want me to tell you anything because trust me... Rob... I can handle more pain than you think for a little girl," I smile sweetly at him and he actually chuckles before standing up and taking a step back.

                "I like you," he tells me.

                "I'm flattered asshole," I mutter. "Is that why you kidnapped me, forced me to jump out of a 2 story window and tied me up in a basement? Because you like me?"

                "Actually," he holds up a finger. "No. I have a couple questions for you and I like that you're feisty enough to stand up for yourself and I think it would be a waste to have to kill you. You'd probably be a pretty valuable aspect to a group," he comments. "So if you answer my questions I have a deal for you."


                "I wont kill you and I wont kill your group. I'm really not as bad as you probably think I am," he says.

                "So... what are these questions?" I ask.

                "You have something... well let me rephrase that... you have someone that belongs to me. Someone that I lost a long time ago and I saw him walking with you today. He seemed to like you so I'm guessing he's been with you for a good while now or else I would have just went straight to him. But you see... me and my brother got separated and you see... he did something bad and he has to pay for it. So I need you to convince him to come and talk to me... so I give him what he deserves. Simple right?" Rob smiles. He actually just smiled. He didn't even have to say his name for me to know who he is talking about.

                 As the pieces finally come together its almost as if my brain just went...




                 I can literally feel the dread slowly make it's way through my body. Not simple.





                                                                                  ~SAMANTHA <3

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