The Dead Walking 5

(the fifth book in The Dead Walking series!) Some chances ARE worth taking... and in a world like this... you don't have yet a second to decide what chances are the ones worth the risk. I still don't know if I chose right.


2. Dont Look Back

             *Still Casey's point of view*

        I sprint toward the crowd of people and weave my way through to the center, well aware of all the staring eyes. Izzy is sitting there, Carl in her arms. She doesn't seem to be too sad more like she just needs him right there. "Is he okay?" I ask.

       She nods, but just keeps staring off in the distance. "He'll be okay. Just with the blood loss and the lack of oxygen he passed out," someone explains from behind me. I turn around and see a younger looking girl standing there. "I'm Beth by the way," she tells me.

       "I-I'm Casey. Carl and Izzy... they took me and my brother and sister in and they brought us back here..." I tell the whole group of people. "So... who is this... Rick... that they killed?"

       I see all their eyes turn sad just as I mention the name. "He... he was Carl's dad," a man with a cross bow says. "He was our leader part of our family."

       I immediately feel my heart drop. Carl's dad. Carl's passed out right now and when he wakes up he's gonna be slapped with the news that his dad is dead. "I- I'm so sorry for your loss..." I shake my head.

       "It's not your fault," Maggie shakes her head, her eyes red from crying earlier, match everyone else's.

       "I guess we didn't give you a... proper... introduction... I'm Beth," a blonde haired girl says. You can tell she's a country girl by the way she wears her hair and the little accent her voice. Her blues are a lot like the sky... beautiful. "This is Daryl," she motions to the man with a crossbow. "You know Maggie... she's my sister. That's Glenn," she points to the man that me and Maggie saved. "This is Carol," she motions toward a women with short grayish hair. "This is Tyreese," she points to taller, black man with a green shirt. "This is Michonne," she points to a black women with a samurai sword. "This is Lizzie," she motions to a younger girl with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. She has a baby in her arms. Judith. "That's Carl's sister... Judith and this Mika," she points to a girl about the same size as Lizzie just with lighter blonde hair.

        I nod. "It's nice to finally meet you guys. Izzy said you guys were a nice group of people. Well this is Aria," I point to my girlfriends sister. "And this is Brian," I point to my little brother. "This is Melonie," I motion toward her. "And this is Joel," I point toward him. "Aria and Brian are my brother and sister and Melonie and Joel were 2 kids that I guess Izzy and Carl found," I shrug.

        I hear a shuffle from behind me and see Carl's eyes flutter open. He sits up and looks around and finally Izzy come out of the little trance she was in. Carl moans a little and puts a hand to his head. Beth rushes forward and leans down beside him.

        "You cant sit up that fast!" she demands.

        "What the hell happened? I should be dead. He was gonna stab me!" he shakes his head, confused.

        Izzy narrows her eyes. "Carl. I don't know what world you are living in, but you're not dead so that's kind of a reason to be happy, who cares why you aren't dead!"

       "I saved you," Daryl tells him. "I killed him and carried you out."

       "Where's my dad?" he asks... scanning the group of people.

       "Carl... they... they killed him..." Beth whispers.

       He just kind of sits there for a moment. Staring into space. "What?" he finally asks.

       "Carl... I-I'm sorry," I say.

       "No," he states. Then without a word he stands up and starts to walk away.


                      *Izzy's point of view*

          I watch as Carl walks away and then kind of in circles. I can see the emotion building up inside of him. "NO!" he says a little louder." This time his hand fly up to his head almost like he has a terrible headache and screams, "NO!" Then the tears come... all at once and he's over there falling apart. He bends over some and screams no again... over and over again. I stand up and make my way toward him. I honestly don't even know how he will react... he could go off on me... hit me... I don't know... but to be honest I don't care. Once I'm close enough I throw my arms around him from behind and hold him close to me.

         "Carl..." I attempt on calming him down, but him crying just makes me want to cry. He doesn't move... or try to get away or even push me away. He just stands there, his head hung over crying.

        "No..." he whispers.

       And then I feel my heart literally shatter into a million pieces... I don't even think it hurt this bad when my own family died. Carl... and Rick... and Judith... they have become my new family... my adopted family. And now... all over again... I'm loosing them.

       Carl's shaking... really bad and I'm the only one probably keeping him from exploding. I can feel everyone's eyes on us as we stand there. After a moment I bury my face in his back, trying to calm myself really. I cant loose it now... not when Carl needs me to be strong.

        After a moment he pushes me lightly away and turns around to face me and the rest of the group. I see that most of them have tears in their eyes too. His eyes are red, but he's stopped crying. I hear him take a deep breath. "I know who they are. The people that attacked you," he says.

        "What?" I ask.

        "It was them... the ones that were after us," he tells me, his voice filled with ice.

        "Who?" Daryl asks.

        I start to explain before Carl does. "When me and Carl were out we saved Melonie and Joel from this group of people, but they kidnapped us and took us back to their camp. We sent them to the prison 'looking' for you guys so we had time to escape. Then we found Casey and Brian and Aria as we were making our way back here. We had to travel from a place farther away than the prison and I guess I found out you guys were really here... and not there," I explain.

        It takes them a moment to comprehend what I just said. "SON OF A BITCH!" Daryl yells after a moment. I'm not even sure what he's saying it about. Maybe just to let out some of his anger. I wish screaming would do that for me. Relieve some of my anger, but its not like. Not for me. It just kind of... builds up until I cant hold it in anymore and I just... explode.

        "So what now?" I ask. "Where are we supposed to go?"

        "Anywhere... as long as we don't look back..." Michonne whispers.



       Gahhhhh so kind of an I interesting chapter... kind of sad... so I know the saying "Don't look back" is from season 4, but I thought it kind of went well with this chapter! Let me know what you guys think! Don't forget to like, comment, and favorite! Love you guys!

                                                                   xoxo~ Samantha <3

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