Heroes : Fixing the broken

I do not own any of the themes belonging to Tim Kring or anyone who owns the Heroes Franchise. Any characters, places, themes or ideas belong to their respected owners.

Only moments after the end of season four, we find out what it takes to heal the deepest of wounds. When no other option apart from moving Claire to Sylar's apartment has to happen quickly, what will it take for the duo to realise that they really aren't that different after all and they both need eachother to survive? What happens when the wish Claire has had from the start comes true and it's all down to Sylar and Peter to save her? Will the group be able to stick together and stand strong against the never ending tide of the press? Or will they find out that some things can never be healed?
Even the most broken of people need someone to help them heal...


6. Chapter Six

Chapter Six


Claire was unsure of how much time had passed before her eyes opened slowly. She looked around at her surroundings and sighed when she realised it hadn't been a dream. She went to move but she noticed the blankets had been thrown on her and her shoes had been removed, Both actions she didn't remember doing. Frowning, Claire pushed the blankets off her thin body before padding hesitantly through the quiet apartment.


"Sylar...?" Claire called out hesitantly before opening the door to the living room and poking her head out into yet another empty room. Claire couldn't shake the feeling of dread as she started to move through to the kitchen, then to the bathroom. 


Nothing was there.


Claire began to panic. The government had got to Sylar and she was going to die. Claire couldn't help but start to feel her thin hands trembling with the idea of Sylar being totured for her location. She was going to die. It was all over...


The sound of the wooden stairs groaning under the weight of someone forced the adrenaline to pump freely round her body as she swiftly moved to the kitchen and grabbed the biggest kinfe there. If they wanted her, they were going to have to fight for her. Steadying herself for the oncoming attack, she moved behind the sofa and crouched down low as the sound of metal scratching against the door got louder. Suddenly the door flew open and Claire wasted no time in jumping up quickly, Ready to face her attacker...

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