Heroes : Fixing the broken

I do not own any of the themes belonging to Tim Kring or anyone who owns the Heroes Franchise. Any characters, places, themes or ideas belong to their respected owners.

Only moments after the end of season four, we find out what it takes to heal the deepest of wounds. When no other option apart from moving Claire to Sylar's apartment has to happen quickly, what will it take for the duo to realise that they really aren't that different after all and they both need eachother to survive? What happens when the wish Claire has had from the start comes true and it's all down to Sylar and Peter to save her? Will the group be able to stick together and stand strong against the never ending tide of the press? Or will they find out that some things can never be healed?
Even the most broken of people need someone to help them heal...


7. Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven


Claire leaped up to face her attacker as the door opened quickly. As a figure stepped into the room, Claire raised her knife to whoever was there. No one moved before she heard a sigh and felt the kife being tugged off her. "It's just me Claire, Just me." Sylar muttered as he stepped further into the room and used his foot to shut the door behind him. Claire visably relaxed when she realised it wasn't the government coming in to take her away and kill them both.


Sylar dumped the bag of clothing onto the sofa along with his keys and moved to the kitchen. Claire couldn't help but stick her hand into the bag to see what was there. She felt soft fabric before pulling it out and seeing it was fresh clothing. Claires eyebrows knitted together in confusion as she felt more clothing. "Where did you get these...? You didn't... Hurt anyone for these did you...?" Claire hesitated before looking up to face Sylar.


Sylar grabbed a drink from the kitchen and sighed. "Do you think I just go around attacking anyone I want...?" Sylar said, and when he didn't get an answer his face became filled with anger. "I bought these for you Claire." Sylar snarled before moving to his bedroom. Claire heard his footsteps get further away before properly tipping the bag upside down and spilling the contents across the floor. They were all the right size, And Claire definitely didn't want to find out how he knew her dress size. 


She took a long inspection of the clothes, seeing clothing that was quite nice and decided that she had acted out of line. Claire knew that this situation was uncomfortable for both of them, And asking Sylar if he had done something bad for the clothes probably wasn't the smartest thing she had ever done. Claire scratched her head before gently picking up the clothes and placing them in her room.


She placed the clothing in the wardrobe before picking out a simple pair of jeans, a black t shirt and some shoes before moving to the bathroom to get changed. Once she was done changing, Claire grabbed a baseball cap and threw her hair up into the cap before deciding she wanted to leave the apartment. Claire didn't bother to tell Sylar where she was going as she stepped out of the apartment, Down the apartment stairs and out into the streets of New York. 

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