Heroes : Fixing the broken

I do not own any of the themes belonging to Tim Kring or anyone who owns the Heroes Franchise. Any characters, places, themes or ideas belong to their respected owners.

Only moments after the end of season four, we find out what it takes to heal the deepest of wounds. When no other option apart from moving Claire to Sylar's apartment has to happen quickly, what will it take for the duo to realise that they really aren't that different after all and they both need eachother to survive? What happens when the wish Claire has had from the start comes true and it's all down to Sylar and Peter to save her? Will the group be able to stick together and stand strong against the never ending tide of the press? Or will they find out that some things can never be healed?
Even the most broken of people need someone to help them heal...


9. Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine


Sylar had been resting in his room for around an hour before he became aware the apartment had become deathly silent. Normally, Sylar wouldn't have minded the silence, His whole life he had been alone after all. It was the fact he remebered he had a loud blonde cheerleader living in his apartment now that wouldn't keep quiet for very long. He figured he probably should get up and go and look, So with great effort Sylar picked himself up off his broken mattress and stood up. He couldn't care less how messy his hair was inevitably going to be, He knew looking around the apartment was the top priority.


With a swish of his hand he threw the door open and stepped outside into Claire's new bedroom. By the looks of things she hadn't been in here for any significant amount of time. Sylar then turned on his heels and forced the bathroom door open quickly. The door loudly crashed against the flimsy wall, revealing no claire.


Sylar forced the uncomfortable feeling of uneasiness building in his stomach down, He was a serial killer who had never hesitated in his whole life. So why was a cheerleader that had tried to hurt him many times make him feel so nervous when she wasn't around? He shook his head to banish these distracting thoughts, And he started moving into the living room area.




Sylar picked up pace as he walked to the kitchen and hesitantly peeked his head into the kitchen...




Growling, Sylar spun back around and stood in the living room, contemplating his options. He could sit and wait for Claire to return on her own accord, After all he knew she was very independent and wouldn't appreciate him checking up on her. His next option could be to call peter and tell him and then they go searching together. Sylar knew that wasn't a good option at the minute, So Sylar decided he would just sit and wait for Claire to return.


 3 hours later...


Sylar couldn't lie, He was starting to worry. This was odd for Claire, Normally she wouldn't just wander off, Especially not for hours in a strange place for her. He knew it was stupid to feel worry for a woman he had tried to hurt so many times, But who was to say people couldn't change? Ever since the carnival he's felt the urge to protect the blonde, And this was bordering on a full blown panic. He was Sylar. Sylar didn't panic...


But Gabriel Grey does...


Shouting loudly, Sylar shook his head and stood up from the sofa. He was not going to have an internal war with himself now. He flung himself across the small room and into the kitchen, Picking his mobile up off the old counter. Scrolling through his contacts Sylar found the number he was looking for. Claire's mobile number. Peter had made sure they had eachothers phone numbers, Especially now Claire had unveiled their powers to the world's media. Sylar pressed ring on his phone, he lifted it to his ear and waited.


And waited.


And waited.




Sylar angrily slammed his phone onto the counter and punched the bench underneath him, Enjoying the satisfying buckle of the wood underneath his fists and the loud crunch his knuckles made. He ignored the sharp stabs of pain as he lifted his fist and watched the bone move itself back into position. He allowed a grin to spread across his face as he felt the pain subside and his hand regained it's original shape. "Never gets old..." He muttered as he bent his fingers slowly.


Sylar felt the red hot anger burn inside of him still, And decided he couldn't do this on his own if he ever did want to make Claire trust him. He felt the anger within him. The anger was not unfamiliar. 


The anger killed.


Sylar once again picked up his mobile and searched for his most contacted contact, Peter Petrelli. He knew Peter would help, Because out of all the men Peter understood him and didn't fear him. They had spent long years together and had learnt to understand eachother, despite it not being real. He leant against the counter and waited for Peter to answer his phone. He waited for only a few rings before he heard the recognisable of Peter Petrelli speak.


"Hello? Gabe? Is that you?" Peter asked, his voice sounding confused. 

"Peter? Yeah hi it's me. We have a serious problem." Sylar said, the worry he had been feeling being obvious to only Peter.

"What's wrong?" Peter asked, Complete seriousness in his voice.

"They have her peter. Claire's gone... They got Claire." Sylar whispered, unable to stop his voice breaking.

"Give me five minutes. I'll be right there." Peter said, Not waiting for Sylar to reply before he hung up.


Sylar sighed as he put his phone back down, and waited for Peter to arrive.

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