Heroes : Fixing the broken

I do not own any of the themes belonging to Tim Kring or anyone who owns the Heroes Franchise. Any characters, places, themes or ideas belong to their respected owners.

Only moments after the end of season four, we find out what it takes to heal the deepest of wounds. When no other option apart from moving Claire to Sylar's apartment has to happen quickly, what will it take for the duo to realise that they really aren't that different after all and they both need eachother to survive? What happens when the wish Claire has had from the start comes true and it's all down to Sylar and Peter to save her? Will the group be able to stick together and stand strong against the never ending tide of the press? Or will they find out that some things can never be healed?
Even the most broken of people need someone to help them heal...


4. Chapter four


Chapter four



The room was deathly silent as sylar sat staring at the floorboards whilst everyone else sent daggers his way. He knew what he did was wrong, But was there really any need for the amount of staring they did? Even without Sylar's very strong sense of hearing he could hear every word that Peter and Claire were saying to eachother. Sylar had to restrain himself from smiling in glee when he heard Claire say she would trust him.


Bad move...


Sylar shook his head before raising it to watch the door open and a familiar Blonde step out. Her once harsh eyes were now filled with despair as she looked to Sylar. He wasted no time in standing up to face her more before he realised a single tear had made it's move from her young eyes to her cheek. Peter walked out behind her and stood next to Claire before whispering something in her ear. Claire looked up and nodded before shuffling close to him. 


Claires thin hand started to tremble, The events of the night and the fact that she would be living with a murderer all flooded her head at once. Her head grew fuzzy and she started to grow dizzy. Sylar noticed this and placed his hands on her shoulder. Out the corner of his eye he saw Noah visibly stiffen at the sight of a maniac touching his daughter. Sylar smirked at him and looked back down at Claire. She was shorter than him but even at this distance he could see her face clearly. "Dont think for one second this is me forgiving you. I may have pretended to accept the fate that i now have but i won't forgive you that easy. So just take me away and lets get this over with." Claire said before hugging everyone around her and then making her way to the door. 


Sylar watched as she silently said her goodbyes and moved to the door. She stepped outside, Waiting for Sylar to follow. Sylar didn't bother with any witty comments as he followed her outside. He shut the door behind him and grabbed onto claire before rising up into the sky, quickly taking off full speed towards New York.

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