Surrounded By Death

Running from infection, dodging the vicious creatures that only care about your flesh. Join Chris and Hayley as they try and find a safe place to stay, who knows, maybe they will find survivors.


6. Follow Them

Chris and Hayley stood there, sweating and breathing sighs of relief. Chris stood up and threw the weapon on the floor, turned to Hayley and said nothing. Chris had other people's blood on his clothes and hands, although they are not people anymore, they are monsters.

"What do we do now?" said Hayley, breaking the long silence. She went over to the gate and opened it a crack, she peered through and to her surprise the street was empty, no sign of the "dead" people, no sign of any life at all.

Chris spoke up "We should get back in the car and think of a plan then." He picked up his bag and walked over to Hayley who had now opened the gate fully.

"OK" she whispered, she stuck a foot outside and started to walk over to the car, Chris didn't bother locking it just in case they had to get in it quickly and escape, Hayley got in and Chris followed.

He closed the door and this time he did lock it, started the engine and started driving.

"Maybe we should try and find some people" Suggested Hayley, "Alive people" She was twiddling her thumbs, she was nervous, but who wasn't right now.

"That will be hard, we don't know if there is anyone left in this city," He turned right at the junction and carried on driving seeing the occasional "dead" person stumbling through the streets.

Just then at the end of the road Chris saw something, a car! Could this be the help they were looking for, Chris slammed his foot down and Hayley's head was forced back from the G-force.

"What are you doing? Slow down."

" I saw a car, a car that will have people in it." the gap between the two cars was already narrower, Chris could make out that the car was a Ford Fiesta.

His face cracked a small smile.

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