Love, Loans & London

When Nicole and Ditte moved to London, they expected adventure, elegance and joy. But what did they end up with? Loans up their asses, a crappy apartment and two low paying jobs. But despite all of that they never stop laughing and trying to make the best of it. But what happens when suddenly five handsome guys enter the mix? Follow the girls in the amusing tale of:

Love, Loans & London


5. Chapter Five – We’re going to seem creepier than we already are.

Chapter Five – We’re going to seem creepier than we already are.


Dittes P.O.V

Nicole quickly came back and started to clean up the tomato juice mess. The rest of the boys settled down in the living room, while I help Nicole with the tea.

“So Ditte, mind explaining why you invited them to a sleep over?” Nicole looks at me with her mom voice.

She acts like a mom way too often

“Well who can say that a world famous boy band crashed in their living room?” I say like it’s the most logically explanation in the entire world. She just smiles at my statement, and continues to clean up the floor, while I walk in with the tea.

“So, I don’t actually think we have been probably introduced, but my name is Ditte and my friend’s name is Nicole.” I say while putting the tea down on the table. They all grab a cup from out mix-matched collection while introducing them selves. I sit down in my favourite chair across from the couch they are sitting on. I glance around our apartment, it’s not big but it’s home. The furniture are either very cheap, or from flea markets, some we even found on the street. Nicole walks in interrupting me form my thoughts when she puts down the cake on the table.

“Dig in” She says cheerfully. They all grab a piece. Except me, I am slowly drifting off to dreamland.


I am painfully awoken by a high-pitched scream, which obviously came from the bathroom. It only took three seconds before all of us are standing outside the door of the crammed bathroom looking in at an orange Harry.

“What happened to you mate?” Liam spoke up. But before he got the chance to answer Nicole and me both answer in unison “Rust.” They look at us more or less like they have no clue what we are talking about.

These guys have been rich too long.

“I thought you told him” I glare at Nicole.

“Well I was a little busy with tomato juice,” she counters.

“Tell me what?” a towel cowered Harry asks

Only a towel, wish I had noticed that before. Cause dayum! Focus Ditte! Don’t stare!

Nicole and me sigh in unison, like it’s the most stupid thing he could ask.

“First ten seconds of freezing water

Two minutes of okay water

Now duck to the side, because now comes the rust

Bang three times on the wall and then you’re good to go.” We say in unison.

 God if we keep doing this we’re going to seem way creepier than we already are.

“And you obviously got caught in the rust” I comment, earning some chuckles from the boys.

“Now that I got the instructions, could you please get out,” He says referring to the fact he is half naked. Before walking out Nicole and me exchange a quick eye conversations.

To translate:

Me: Dayum he be looking fine

Nicole: Oh girl I know!


* * *



“Nicole shut that alarm off before I kill both of you.” I grumble keeping my eyes closed. I can feel Nicole getting up from my tight grip. Since it’s such a small bedroom, and there is only one enough room for one bed, we share a bed.  Which is fine for the both of us, we don’t really mind. I hear Nicole getting ready and putting on her running clothes.

“You wanna join me?” She asks before thinking it through. I shoot my eyes open and give her a knowing look.

“Sorry, I didn’t think it trough” She explains apologetic, before she leaves for her run. I’m not really mad, it just hit a sore spot. You see I have a knee injury. I used to run about four times a week, and I loved it. But it turned out the excessive amount of exercise combined with crooked kneecaps, ended with me not being able to run. I sucks finding out that you can’t do the one thing you really love. But “Never give up never surrender” is my family’s motto.

Original right? What can I say they are both fans of Galaxy Quest.

So I went to physiotherapy for about six months, and do knee exercises every other day. So hopefully I will run again, because I fucking love it. After thinking about my knee, I contemplate to whether or not to get up.

I look a the alarm clock 7:04 am, Nicole was able to sleep a little later today, because she did inventory last night. But 7:04 am is actually pretty late for me to wake up. I don’t have an alarm or anything, I’m just an extreme A person. Early up, early to bed,

I warned you about my inner 80-year-old.

I quickly get out of bed, not really bothering to change my clothes. So I’m only in my underwear and a crop top. Even though it’s pretty cold in the apartment, I’m just too lazy to put on clothes. I pull my hair out of the bun, to reveal what probably looks like a lions mane. I walk out of the bedroom and into the living room, it looks like most of the guys are still sleeping, but Louis is nowhere to be found.  I walk into the kitchen.

What time is it? Breakfast time! That’s right, say it loud! I may or may not have watched High School Musical an obnoxious amount of times.

I go into the kitchen still singing in my head (might be dancing to). To find Louis standing with his back turned against me looking into our fridge. I jump up sitting on the kitchen counter.

“Looking for something?” I ask, my voice clearly startling him, before he turns around and looks at me.  He clearly notices my outfit, or my lack of an outfit, because his eyes are trailing all over me. When he notices that I noticed him staring his cheeks turn bright red. 

“Uh… I-I was looking for some cereal.” He answers nervously, trying really hard to only focus on my face.

“In the fridge?” I ask amused by his nervousness, not even feeling slightly embarrassed.

“Well… I… Uhm” He tries to formulate a sentence, but it’s not really working for him.

“In the cabinet over there” I say smiling while I point. I jump down from the counter, grabbing two bowls and spoons.

“Milks in the fridge” I say while pouring the cereal he got. Once I’ve got my bowl ready to eat, I jump back on the counter, and he sits on the counter opposite me. We really didn’t get to talk much yesterday, since I almost passed out after the whole shower incident.

“So where are you from?” He asks referring to my accent.

“Me and Nicole are both from Denmark, we moved here almost two years ago”

“Why did you move?”

“One night I got drunk and booked a plane ticket and made an offer on this apartment. So I kinda had to follow trough.” I answer honestly. We talk for a few moments, but I’m a fast eater so I quickly finished my bowl.

“I’m going to take a shower” I say smiling at him, before putting my bowl in the sink and walk into the bathroom to take a shower.



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