Life can be hard

A girl who has lived a hard life, at the age of 1 and a half her mum left her. She now lives with her dad and her step mum, she is not to popular but has a wicked sense of humour... She meets a boy, her story is about to be retold.


1. Excitement over 2 days

'Hehe'. I laughed while my mum tickled me, we were sat by the beach on a summer day. I was with my brothers and my mums boyfriend in Kent, I was just visiting my mum down South but really I lived with my dad, my dad lived in York. 'Burr, this sea is cold mummy' ' what? Do you expect it to be red hot? I quickly ran back to the picnic blanket and got a towel and fell to a drowsy sleep, what felt like 2 minutes later I got woken up, the sun was setting and it was time to go home to my mums flat just down the road. We got back and I got a warm shower how I expected the sea to be, I got out the shower and my family had gone? I was running around crying mummy. Seconds later the door burst open, it was only my mummy! She shouted, 'get to bed and smacked my bum!' It really hurt because it was bare. She sounded drunk, where were my brothers? I went to sleep on the sofa were I had to sleep, the next morning I was first up I just sat there thinking about the night before, I thought to my self, why is life so hard? Then mum got up she came and cuddled me on the sofa, she said sorry for shouting and smacking my bum. She said, my brothers had smashed a window and she had to pay £55 that she could of spent on me. She got up and told me to get dressed, I went into the bathroom and did my teeth and had a wash, then I looked out the back and it was sunny, I wore a dress which was blue with white flowers on, she came in the room and said I'm taking you to town, to buy you some new shoes and clothes, I got very excited, we quietly left the house. We took the number 12 bus to Kent City centre, first we went to clarks, no shoes I liked. But my mum got a pair of black small heals, yukkk! I thought, then we went to primark,  I got 5 tops, 2 skirts, leggings, 2 pairs of jeans, and a couple of pairs of shoes, and I not to forget some underwear! It reached 12:30 so mum took me to McDonald's, yummy!  We went to lots more shops, boys shops, girls! The day came to an end, we got a taxi home and it cost £4.50 for 2 miles- good! I went to bed, I was a tired girl... 

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