Life can be hard

A girl who has lived a hard life, at the age of 1 and a half her mum left her. She now lives with her dad and her step mum, she is not to popular but has a wicked sense of humour... She meets a boy, her story is about to be retold.


2. Can't wait to see my friend

Hope, my best friend! She was picking me up at 12:30 and the time now was 10, I had to get a shower but someone was in the shower currently, I shouted, ' hurry up! ' they did, a warm shower which meant I was going to be clean ready for the movie. I got out 10 minutes later to find someone had ransacked my room, 'arghhhh, Lee Ben get in here now!' I heard footsteps coming coming towards my messy room, someone in black came in, I felt scared as I only had a towel around me! The man turned around and told me, 'get changed' I just said, ' go out and I will!' The man left. I sat there feeling scared, trying to come up with a plan to escape! I thought to get changed do my hair and pack a bag, 'shit most of my clothes were pegged out on the washing line!' I said quietly I thought to my self climb out of my window, pack all my clothes I want and then go get the ones outside and go through the back gate, I had £500 In my piggy jar, great! I shoved all my suff in my blue Adidas sports bag and got changed. I opened my window and then I heard footsteps. Quickly quickly someone shouted through the door, I jumped out got my clothes and went through the back gate, and got the number 12 bus to the city centre and went to a phone box and phoned Hope, her mum was going to pick me up- in the distance I saw the man again...

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