Falling For Three

Meg Sugg is back once again and she's back with another baby to join her and YouTuber husband Joe's family. Their daughter Sofia is now 2 and new baby is 8 months. With Joe wanting one more child after this new baby, but Meg wanting no more for another few years, are they going to make a compromise? Or will Joe finally get his way? Find out in the third instalment of the popular series, Falling for Three


3. The downside to parenting

Meg may have only been a parent for 2 years, it o this day of all days she felt like she had been a parent for 20. Sofia was up at 5am wanting to go and watch her favourite Sofia the first DVD downstairs and to make things worse, Aubree had been up all night crying as she was coming down with a cold or a fever so that was a barrell of laughter. At half past 7, Meg fell asleep on the sofa only to be woken up 10 minutes later by Sofia wanting breakfast and doc mcstuffins on the tv and by Aubree crying for food. Joe emerged down the stairs not long after and said "Let me take Aubree for a while, you look exhausted." "That's because I am exhausted Joe. Sof was up at 5 again wanting to come down here and I was up and down with Aubree all night!" Meg yelled, fixing up some milk for the baby. "Meg, go back to bed. I'll hold the fort it's surely not that hard looking after two." Joe said, kissing his wife before sending her back to bed. The minute Meg got into bed and closed her eyes, she heard Aubree start screaming and Sofia shouting because se couldn't find her little mermaid DVD. She jumped back out of bed and realised she wouldn't be back there for at least 15-18 hours. "Joe give me the baby, you sort the other baby." Meg ordered, grabbing Aubree and rocking her in her arms. "Hey now little miss, shushhhh shhh." Meg said to her baby daughter, who soon stopped crying and went to sleep in her rocking baby seat. Sofia then stopped crying after Joe discovered the DVD on the floor in the living room and put it on, Sofia eventually falling asleep in her dads arms. "Well, I don't know how we did it but both of our kids are asleep!" Meg said, resting her head on her husbands shoulder. "It's a miracle!" Joe said, kissing her forehead. "We might get some rest now." He said, closing his eyes, Meg doing the same slowly drifting into a slumber

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