Falling For Three

Meg Sugg is back once again and she's back with another baby to join her and YouTuber husband Joe's family. Their daughter Sofia is now 2 and new baby is 8 months. With Joe wanting one more child after this new baby, but Meg wanting no more for another few years, are they going to make a compromise? Or will Joe finally get his way? Find out in the third instalment of the popular series, Falling for Three


14. Boy or Girl?

It was today when the gender of Sugg baby #3 would be discovered. Meg and Joe's parents had already bought some stuff and so had Zoe and Meg's friends but they were just small gifts. They were on the way to the hospital from Marcus' flat as they had dropped of the girls for him and his girlfriend, Niomi to look after for a bit. "Are you excited?" Joe asked, turning the corner to where the hospital was. "I am, we can start buying more after today." Meg said, feeling slightly excited and nervous inside. They went into the hospital and sat down in the waiting room until Meg was called into the office. After having a little chat about how the pregnancy was going so far, the scan began. "Here's the head.." The doctor said, pointing it out. "There's the arms and legs and there's the body." The sonographer said.  "So do you want to know the sex?" She asked. "Yea we do." Meg said, grabbing Joe's hand. "Well...." She said, looking closely at the screen. "I think your having a little boy!" She said, Meg beginning to cry with happiness and Joe shouting in delight. "In getting my son! My baby boy Sugg!" Joe yelled. "Well, here's the picture for you. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Sugg." She said, walking them out to the waiting room and sayin goodbye. "I can't believe it babe! This surprise pregnancy just happened to be what we wanted." Meg said, kissing Joe as they walked out of the hospital. "We get our little boy at last!" Joe said, wrapping his arm around Meg's waist and helping her into the car. "These next few weeks we have left will be great. We need to get buying blue stuff!" Joe said. "I can't wait to head to the shops to get buying him stuff." Meg said, getting slightly excited as they were going into London to buy some clothes for the baby. "This day couldn't get any better." Meg said,kissing Joe once again and grabbing his hand.

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