The Third Wheel

[short story]

❝Its hard to live with the fact that you're in love with someone who will never love you back.❞


9. The Third Wheel :9

I remember when Alex first joined my class; I was the one who talked to him to start speaking in class. I thought he was shy because in class he’d be so quiet and gentle but that all changed once it was his third week.


I remember in class, when he was still new. I was talking to one of the teachers and all of a sudden he hugged me from behind. I don’t like being hugged, so my first instinct was to push him of me.


I embarrassed him and I felt bad but I didn’t like it. After that incident we never brought it up again. As weeks passed his true nature began to become more evident.


He was the kind of guy that loved going to parties, had many girlfriends and so on. Its one of the reason why I try to stop myself from liking him because the fact he’s dated several girls who are obviously prettier than me just makes me feel more insecure.


As much as I try I just can’t. His personality minus those aspects is quite nice. He’s very nice and is always ready to give, when anyone needs something, he’s the best person to go to.


We usually talk about football and guy things so he sees me as those girls who’s one of the guys and sometimes it bothers me, why?


I don’t think he will ever see me as more than a friend?



Author's Note

Another update! This is a bit late,

because I wasn't feeling too well and I was,

editing my other book (on Wattpad).

I'm happy everyone's enjoying this :D

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