The Third Wheel

[short story]

❝Its hard to live with the fact that you're in love with someone who will never love you back.❞


8. The Third Wheel :8

“So Mel, who do you like?” Emily asked, I don’t even know why she kept pestering me about it.


I’m not one to share personal stuff; I prefer to keep things to myself.  I don’t think Emily got the hint after I repeatedly answered her ‘Nobody’ each time she asked me. I can’t even figure out why she wants to know so much, its not she ever tells me things like this, so why would she expect me to tell her.


“Em, my answer will stay the stay the same, nobody. I don’t like anyone.” I lied.


I know I have a major crush on Alex, especially since its obvious she likes him. I mean, we both get irritated quite easily but I tend to stay away from everyone when I’m irritated. I don’t like being around people but Emily, I think she even stays closer (if that’s even possible).


 I’d be at the front of the class releasing my frustrations on my poor notebook while she’d be in the back telling the people who talk to her to leave her alone. They never do so she starts to insult them and she always uses a sarcastic tone. It’s like she’s kind of making herself get noticed for her anger or something.


She’s one of those friends that makes you wonder, why am I even friends with friend but they just have some traits that you love and can’t stay away from. Emily is really fun and is quite easy to relate to on most topics and the best person to fangirl about things with.


“Well, I know who likes you.” I teased, its not like she doesn’t know.


“I don’t like Alex okay.” she said with some anger. “Its quite obvious he likes you and not me.” A hint of sadness was evident in her tone.


“He doesn’t like me.” As I said this, I felt a little sting. “Sure we talk about stuff a lot, that doesn’t mean he likes me.”


She just stood and left, I don’t know why but she did. I ran my hand through my auburn hair.  When I told Emily about how I didn’t like Alex, it just hurt a bit more. Knowing the fact that she wants him and I can’t have him.



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